Doctor Who Adventures regeneration continues next week with “The Big Hush”

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 2 - Panini


The second issue of Panini’s regenerated Doctor Who Adventures hits the newsstands on 21st May 2015, and promises more thrills, more adventures and more excitement than ever!

Opening proceedings, the Doctor and Clara find themselves rocking out at the end of the universe as they face the deadly hunger of the ‘Devourer of the Cosmos’ in this issue’s strip story “The Big Hush”, drawn by Russ Leach, written by Jason Quinn and coloured by John Burns. Here’s a sneak peek…


Doctor Who Adventures #2 - "The Big Hush"


Also in the issue…


Next up, readers get to access the TARDIS Data Core to find out about some of the Doctor’s strangest and deadly enemies, including the Whisper Men, the Boneless, Prisoner Zero, the Vashta Nerada and the Smilers.


Then we join Clara as she shows you how to make your own Foretold Desk Guard. With this on your desk, nobody will ever dare pinch your pens without permission!


Of course, if you’re going to make the Foretold Desk Guard, then you’d do well to know more about the Foretold himself by checking out the UNIT Alien Archive on the monstrous Mummy of the Orient Express.


Strax will then show us the delights of Skaro, the Asylum, San Helios and the Library. If you’re planning a trip across the cosmos then check out your destination with Strax before you book your tickets!


Strax and Jenny go undercover as a variety act as the Paternoster Gang investigate ghostly goings on at The Palace of Wonder music hall in The Phantom of the Music Hall, a brand new three page text story.

With prizes, activities, posters and much more on offer, Doctor Who Adventures is the hottest spot in the galaxy for all Doctor Who fans aged 3-3000!

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 2 comes with a Free Mega Monster Set! | On sale 21st May 2015, price £3.99

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