Doctor Who Adventures tempt new readers with free sampler edition

Doctor Who Adventures Sampler 2014

This week you can access a special online sample edition of Doctor Who Adventures magazine by clicking on this link. You’ll find highlights from the latest issue published by Immediate Media (number 344), which includes an exciting interview with a Cyberman and the best facts about the deadly Daleks!

The sample digital edition also has an exclusive competition to win a PS4 plus the epic Doctor Who Series 7 DVD box set – and you can find out more ways to enjoy BBC Doctor Who Adventures from any time and place in the universe with a digital version of the magazine.

And, in the print edition of issue 344, out now, you’ll find:

  • Free Weeping Angel grabbers! (Don’t blink!)
  • An exciting game to play with your grabbers
  • Fun with the Alien Babies!
  • Pictures from filming the new series
  • Strax’s guide to The Silence
  • Win loads of fantastic things!
  • Make a Cybermat!
  • Behind the scenes on The Rings of Akhaten
  • An exciting comic strip featuring an unseen adventure with the Eleventh Doctor and Clara
  • All this, plus 3 posters, puzzles and loads of monster fun…

 • Doctor Who Adventures Issue 344 is on sale now until 6th May, priced £2.99. Web:

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