Doctor Who: Operation Volcano teases from artist Christopher Jones in new podcast

Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor - Operation Volcano #1 - Cover by Christopher Jones SNIP

Episode 95 of the terrific Doctor Who: Panel to Panel podcast features an interview with artist Christopher Jones, whose stunning work on Doctor Who: Heralds of Destruction for Titan Comics paved the way for Doctor Who: Operation Volcano, a new Seventh Doctor mini-series announced last month written by Andrew Cartmel.

Alongside his more recent Doctor Who work, much of Christopher’s work has been penciling and inking for DC Comics. He was the regular series artist on Young Justice, based on the popular Cartoon Network animated TV series. He also contributed to DC’s popular Batman ’66 title, based on the 1960’s Batman TV Series with Adam West, written by Jeff Parker.

Christopher’s other work for DC Comics includes Batman & Robin, Day of Judgment and the cult series Young Heroes in Love. He’s also done extensive work for DC’s Licensing department, providing everything from promotional artwork to character turns for action figure design, in styles ranging from a mainstream superhero style to matching the animation style of several different TV shows.

Host Jeremy Bement chats with Chris about how he got involved in this and hints at what we can expect. Plus, there’s reviews of the latest Twelfth Doctor comic, coverage of new Who comic releases and more.

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