Doctor Who Part Work in the Offing

(with thanks to Jeremy Bentham and Tony Clark): Alerted by a posting on the web site of Blackpool’s Who shop, it seems plans are afoot to release a Doctor Who DVD Files Magazine.

Part works publishers GE Fabbri, publishers of the Doctor Who magazine Battles in Time and magazine-video titles such as Ronnie Barker, Charmed and Stargate SG-1 are behind the plans, but told downthetubes the project was at a very early stage.

“This magazine is still in a development stage and we are not able to confirm where and when this magazine will be tested in the UK,” a spokesperson told us.

If the project goes ahead it will join Battles in Time, Doctor Who Adventures and Doctor Who Magazine on British news atands, as well as Titan’s Torchwood Magazine. Talk about your Time Lord takeover…

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