Don’t miss out on “Psycho Gran – The Book Club” in the latest Aces Weekly!


Psycho Gran - "The Book Club" © David Leach

Psycho Gran – “The Book Club” © David Leach

As if you needed reminding, Aces Weekly Volume 36 is now running, which includes the continuance of Bo Hampton‘s, intriguing “The Hornbook“, plus Robert Wells‘ acerbic view of his fellow man in, “Love Her Madly”.

But one of the gems to this volume has to be David Leach‘s latest tale relating the life and times of the awesome, Psycho Gran – “The Book Club”, which looks to be heading for a suitably fiendish finale! While it seems Gran takes a back seat for the first episode of this tale, be assured, she’s sitting very prettily by the end of the latest episode, with some, er, very old friends around her.

Psycho Gran - "The Book Club" © David Leach

Psycho Gran – “The Book Club” © David Leach

If you’ve ever been stiffed by rogue traders, or know someone who has, then I think you’ll enjoy this!

Aces Weekly Volume 36, published by David Lloyd, comprises up to 150 pages, available on digital subscription for a measly £1 a week. No variant covers, no missing an issue because WHSmith decided your favourite comic was glamourising gun crime (which is what’s just happened to Striker, juts in case you’re wondering) and hid it where you can’t find a copy… No plastic tat on the cover, because duh, it’s digital – just oodles of comic strip goodness encompassing a wide variety of styles and genres.

Yes – just that’s just £1 per week – in any currency, until you don’t want to do that anymore. No arm-twisting, no blackmail… Really. It’s true. So head along now to the Aces Weekly web store and subscribe today!

Oh – and don’t forget you can get hold of Issue 1 and 2 of Psycho Gran Versus… in print, from Dead Universe Comics, or you can also buy digital copies of her comics from Comixology. And, she really, really wants you to buy copies. Best not to argue.

• Aces Weekly is online at – why are you still here?

• Follow David Leach on Twitter @davidleach2000

• Dead Universe Comics is at Bourbon Street, Friars Square Shopping Centre, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire | Find them on Facebook

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