Eagle Awards 2010: The Winners

The winners of the Eagle Awards have been announced at a gala presentation held at London ’s ExCeL on Friday, October 29 2010. Superhero titles again dominated most of the favourite titles and 2000AD topping the boll for favourite British book, but there are some welcome newcomers in the list of deserving creators who have won awards this year.

The organisers say this year’s poll of fans across the globe was also another record-breaking year for the awards with a continued growth in the number of participating voters (although they don’t say exactly how many people voted).  Apart from Britain , the USA and Canada, the thousands of ballots that flooded in came from more than 100 countries including several from Europe as well as Afghanistan, Botswana, Egypt, India, North Korea, Russia, Thailand, Uruguay, Vietnam and Zimbabwe – to name but a few.

A complete list of winners follows:

Roll of Honour – Brian Bolland

Favourite Newcomer Writer – Jonathan Hickman
Currently writing titles such as Fantastic Four. “So I won an Eagle Award, but they spelled my name wrong,” he noted on Twitter. “It’s supposed to read: K-I-E-R-O-N G-I-L-L-E-N.”

Favourite Newcomer Artist – Jamie McKelvie
Best known for his work on Phonogram: Rule Britannia, co-created with writer Kieron Gillen. He also created Suburban Glamour, a four issue mini-series from Image Comics. “it’s all fancy and glass, apparently,” he said on Twitter. “I hope Kieron hasn’t broken it. :()”

Favourite Writer – Warren Ellis
My phone is going nuts with claims that I won the Favourite Writer award at the Eagles, too,” says Warren on Twitter, after telling other creators they won awards. “This is clearly an error.” Later, he noted on his web site: “I’ve already won one of those, and also my name isn’t Alan Moore or Geoff Johns. I calmly await the inevitable retraction.”

Favourite Writer/Artist – Darwyn Cooke
Best known for his work on the comic books CatwomanThe New Frontier, The Spirit and Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter.

Favourite Artist: Pencils – Frank Quitely
Best known for his frequent collaborations with Grant Morrison on titles such as New X-Men, WE3, All Star Superman, and Batman and Robin, as well as his work with Mark Millar on The Authority.

Kevin O’Neill. Photo: Nightscream,
via Wikimedia Commons

Favourite Artist: Inks – Kevin O’Neill
Best known as the co-creator of 2000AD‘s Nemesis the Warlock, Marshal Law (with writer Pat Mills), and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (with Alan Moore).

Favourite Artist: Fully-Painted Artwork – J.H. Williams III
Best known for his work on titles such as Chase, Promethea and Desolation Jones.

Favourite Colourist – Ben Templesmith
Art credits in include Fell (with writer Warren Elis),  co-creator of 30 Days of Night (with Steve Niles), Dead Space, Doctor Who – The Whispering Gallery and Groom Lake.

Favourite Letterer – Todd Klein

Favourite Editor – Axel Alonso

Executive Editor, Marvel Comics. A previous Eagle Award winner, Axel Alonso has been an editor on both DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint and Marvel’s Marvel Knights line. He was recently announced as the editor for the X-Men family of books at Marvel comics. There’s a good interview with him here

Favourite Publisher – DC/Vertigo

Favourite American Comicbook: Colour – Batman & Robin
Written by Grant Morrision, art by Frazer Irving

Favourite British Comicbook: Colour – 2000AD

Best British Black & White Comic Book: Whatever Happened To The World’s Fastest Man?
Congratuations to all the team at Accent.

Favourite American Comicbook: Black and White – Walking Dead
Published by Image Comic, created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore, now drawn by Charlie Adlard.

Favourite New Comicbook – Batman & Robin

Favourite Manga – Fullmetal Alchemist

Favourite European Comicbook – Requiem Chevalier Vampire

Favourite 2009 Single Story – Phonogram – The Singles Club 4: Konichiwa Bitches

Favourite 2009 Continued Story – Walking Dead #61-65: Fear The Hunters

Favourite 2009 Cover – Batman & Robin #4

Favourite 2009 Original Graphic Novel – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century

Favourite 2009 Reprint Compilation – Captain Britain Omnibus by Alan Moore & Alan Davis

Favourite Magazine about Comics – Wizard

Favourite Comics-Related Book – The Insider’s Guide to Creating Comics and Graphic Novels (Andy Schmidt)

Favourite Comics-Related Movie or TV Show – Watchmen

Favourite Comics-Related Website – comicbookresources.com

Favourite Web-Based Comic – Freak Angels by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield
“I have told the relevant people to give the physical award — which, sadly, is still not a large bird of prey — to Paul,” says Warren, “because he’s certainly earned having a large metal thing standing in his house leering at him the recognition.”

Introduced in 1976, the Eagles are the comics industry’s longest established awards. Acknowledged as the pre-eminent international prizes, they have been featured on the covers of leading US and UK titles across the last 32 years ranging from Uncanny X-Men and Swamp Thing to MAD and 2000AD.

Unique in the comics industry in that they reflect both the professional and the reader’s choice, the Eagle Awards comprise of two distinct stages: a Nominations Form allows the entire comics community to choose their favourites; then the top five nominations then appear on the voting form for the readers and fans to choose from, thus focusing the fans with no wasted votes.

For more info visit: www.eagleawards.co.uk

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