Eagle Times Pays Tribute to artist Bruce Cornwell (Volume 25, Number Two)

Eagle Times Volume 25, Number Two - Cover

The latest issue of Eagle Times leads with a tribute to Dan Dare artist Bruce Cornwell, who died on 2nd March 2012.

Summer 2012 Contents

  • ‘The Hands of Gods’ – a look at how three talented artists, Frank Hampson, Ron Embleton and Frank Bellamy each had his own way of drawing hands
  • ‘A. Bruce Cornwell (1920 – 2012)’ – a tribute to the former ‘Dan Dare’ artist and illustrator who died in March, 2012. (See also the obituary on this blog)
  • ‘Rivals of Eagle’ – the latest in the series takes a look at how Edgar Rice Burrough’s jungle hero, Tarzan,  appeared in British comics in the 1950s Tarzan Adventures
  • ‘The Cutaway that Never Was’ – on the absence from Eagle‘s Cutaway feature of the Gloster Javelin aircraft, which first flew in 1951
  • ‘A Look at Luck’ – part 4 of a series examining the French Foreign Legion strip by Geoffrey Bond and Martin Aitchison, that ran in Eagle from 1952 – 1961
  • ‘Visual Memories of Eaglecon 80’ – part 3 of an illustrated series remembering the only London comics convention ever held solely for Eagle enthusiasts
  • ‘Advertising in Eagle’ – a look at the varied advertisements that apperared in Eagle magazine, including an article advertising Advertising!
  • ‘Dan Dare projected’ – part 1, looking at the various projectors available form manufacturers in the 1950s, by which ‘Dan Dare’ and related film strips could be viewed.
  • A report on the Eagle Society Gathering and Annual Dinner in Southport, 17th – 19th April, 2012
  • A PC49 Radio script: ‘The Case of the Haunting Refrain’, reproducing a performance script from Alan Stranks’ BBC radio show, part 1
  • ABC Film Review‘ – a list of the various Eagle and Girl-related strips that featured in the ABC cinema chain’s magazine in 1952-53
  • ‘Rivals of Jeff Arnold’ – the tenth in this series takes a look at the real-life character Buck Jones and the western comics bearing his name, that appeated in the 1950s
  • ‘Closing the Circle: Another Odyssey for Dan Dare’ – reviewing an article that appeared in the Adelaide students’ magazine On Dit in 1969: ‘2001 revisited, or dissertations upon Dan Dare’
  • ‘Remembering Safari in Space’ – a relook at the Dan Dare story that commenced in Eagle in 1959

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