Panel Borders: Brockley (co)Max

Above: Sarah Gordon, Howard Hardiman, Simone Lia, Gary Northfield, Julia Scheele, Kieron Gillen, Woodrow Phoenix and Alex Fitch at Brockley Max

In the last of Panel Borders series of shows about comic book communities around the UK, Alex Fitch talks to –

  • Kieron Gillen (Uncanny X-Men),
  • Sarah Gordon (The Peckham House for Invalids)
  • Howard Hardiman (The Lengths),
  • Simone Lia (Please God, find me a husband!)
  • Gary Northfield (Derek the Sheep)
  • Woodrow Phoenix (Nelson) and
  • Julia Scheele (69 love songs, illustrated)

about living and working in Brockley, South East London. Recorded live at the Brockley Max festival in June 2012.

Panel Borders: Brockley (co)Max airs on Sunday 24 June 2012 at 8pm on Resonance 104.4 FM – streamed at Extended podcast after broadcast at

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