Eagle Times Spring 2020 Edition available now from the Eagle Society

Eagle Times Volume 33 No. 1 - Spring 2020

Another enjoyable issue of Eagle Times is out now from the Eagle Society, featuring articles on Dan Dare, Riders of the Range, Cortes – Conqueror of Mexico and the secret wartime activities of Eagle editor Marcus Morris’ secretary.

This splendid Issue was prepared before the full onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and it’s clear the editorial team were looking forward to getting together with Society members to celebrate 70 years of Eagle in Southport next month.

Sadly, the get together has been cancelled, but this edition of Eagle Times at least affords some cheer for fans of the weekly comic with a great mix of features. Find out how to grab a copy below.

In This Issue…

Eagle Times Volume 33 No. 1 - Spring 2020 - Dan Dare - The Evil One

Dan Dare – The Evil One

An insightful commentary and review of the latest Titan Comics collection by Will Grenham – an edition that includes strips never officially collected before

• Vernon Holding – Chief Executive of Hulton Press by Richard Sheaf

Richard affords us some fascinating glimpses of the inner workings of the original Eagle publisher, accompanied by some terrific photographs from the period

• The Story of EAGLE’s Annuals Part Two by Joe Hoole

Eagle Times Volume 33 No. 1 - Spring 2020 - Riders of the Range

• Charles Chilton and the Indian Wars Part Eight by David Britton

David continues his journey through Eagle’s long-running western adventure

• Beth Fetherston WRNS, Marcus Morris’ Secretary by Jeremy Briggs

Wartime revelations and more; how one female member of Hulton Press secretly helped the Allies win World War Two and keep Britain safe

Art from the Eagle strip "Cortes – Conqueror of Mexico"
Art from the Eagle strip “Cortes – Conqueror of Mexico”

• Cortes – Conqueror of Mexico by Steve Winders

A fascinating look at the Eagle historical adventure strip by award-winning illustrator William Stobbs

Eagle Times Volume 33 No. 1 - Spring 2020 - Dan Dare

• Dan Dare Studio Ideas Part Two

More behind the scenes secrets revealed about the intensive creative process behind the original “Dan Dare“ strip

• The Case of the Unwelcome Guest House Part One

A new Archie Willoughby adventure by Steve Winders

• The Story of a Train That Went Nowhere

An article about a proposed series about the Canadian Pacific Railway that EAGLE rejected

• Tail Pieces

Short news items compiled by David Britton

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Eagle Times is online at eagle-times.blogspot.com

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