eBay auction house Comic Collector February auction offers wide range of British comics

The latest auction from The Comic Collector run by Willoughby Hurrell offers one hundred lots of vintage comics, offering something for everyone, including copies of the 2000AD 1978 Sci-FI Special, Beano and Dandy comics, and a range of US comics, including Sliver Surfer #44, which features the first appearance of the Infinty Gauntlet.

Also on offer are several great-looking annuals, including a a 1959 Beano book, and the full set of Scramble annuals, published by Gerald Swan between 1948-1951.

For DC Thomson adventure paper fans, look out for three near full year runs of early Victor weekly comics from 1962, 1963 and 1964 respectively, plus a near full year run of Warlord from 1976, in nice grades.

The Picture Library selection is not to be sniffed at, with a copy of Fleetway Super Library #10 (Stupendous Series) containing a great story featuring The Spider, alongside seven of the much sought after Giant War Picture Library comics from 1965.

To cap it off, there are a few nice lots of Science Fiction pulps, such as Analog Science Fact Fiction and New Worlds Science Fiction, with stunning covers, and in relatively nice condition.

Check out the listings here on the Comic Collector eBay shop

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