Enter the Vort

(with thanks to Matthew Badham): This week’s 2000AD contained an announcement that ‘Israeli’s latest project, The Vort, will be one of the slew of new stories staring next week in the UK’s weekly SF comic.

Over on his blog, ‘Israeli (ala Matt Brooker) has posted several designs for the story and reveals the strip is a double first. “It’s a full-colour series for 2000AD,” ge explains, “written by newcomer G. Powell (in other words, it’s not black and white and not written by Ian Edginton. The scar where they had to separate us surgically is still smarting!” he says.

The Vort is also a departure from my usual 2000AD subject matter. It’s a future war story set on a bizarre alien planet made entirely of water, and permeated by a powerful electromagnetic field that prevents electronics from functioning. This means that all the technology on the Vort is either ultra low-tech (manual typewriters and hand bells for sounding the alarm) or “genekit” (biological rifles and sensor devices). Imagine Apocalypse Now with set dressing by H.R. Giger and you have a rough idea of what we’re aiming for.”

Pictured: The enigmatic Crispy from the forthcoming series The Vort. © 2008 Rebellion Developments/2000AD
The Vort created by G. Powell & ‘Israeli.

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