DFC Arrival Imminent!

(With thanks to Garen Ewing): Just a quick reminder that the new weekly comic The DFC comic will be pushed through thousands of letterboxes this Friday and here’s a couple of links to keep you going until then…

• A long piece on The DFC from The Birmingham Mail written by Paul H. Birch, noting the title marks a return to the type of anthology comic that features a variety of genres, both in the adventure and humour mould. “In other words, something that offers the literary equivalent of flicking through the channels on the TV remote control. Only this time kids will actually be reading so educationalists have no reason to complain.”

The Guardian website features an article by Philip Pullman about his John Aggs’ strip, John Blake (pictured right), including a PDF preview of the first instalment.

“I’d long toyed with the idea of writing a story in comics form,” he reveals, “but I didn’t begin seriously until my publisher created The DFC and found an artist for me to work with. I can draw only things that keep still, and comics are full of movement, so my story would have to be a collaboration. A good thing, too: I couldn’t possibly draw the scenes I’ve asked John Aggs to draw, and the story is all the better for his part in it.”

Finally for now, Nikki Gamble interviews David Fickling about The DFC at Write Away and check out an interview with fellow DFC contributor Sarah McIntyre.

• The publishers of The DFC are offering early subscribers a free trial of four issues. To subscribe, go to thedfc.co.uk or call 0844 848 8840. If you still haven’t subscribed, go and grab it while the 25% offer is still going!

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