Europe Comics spotlights top-selling continental comics to mark Bologna Children’s Bookfair

This week is Bologna Children’s Bookfair, attended by publishers from across the globe. To celebrate, Europe Comics have gathered some of their extended previews of their bestselling children’s series and graphic novels.

Europe Comics began as an idea of Franco-Belgian comics agent Mediatoon Licensing. Three years (and a lot of work) later, it evolved into a 13-partner pan-European alliance, supported by the European Commission and held together by the desire to spread the European graphic novel heritage around the world.

The ambitious partners set themselves three main targets. First, the creation of a collective digital imprint, replicating European comics’ variety, richness and originality, in English and digital format. The Europe Comics catalogue is meant for both the final reader and foreign publishers interested in licensing in English or other languages, and our titles are available around the world through an extensive network of e-tailers, book outlets, and libraries.

Their initiative strives for greater international exposure of European authors, through author tours and events across Europe and the United States; and their web site seeks to create a comprehensive European comics online directory, providing readers and professionals with wide-ranging information such as the history of European comics, a global calendar of comics events, academic studies, market overviews and more.

The previews, representing a small part of the Europe Comics range, reveal what an incredible range of comics titles are available across the Channel, with some stunning art, too.

Script by Teresa Radice | Art by Stefano Turconi
Published by Dargaud (France)

Tosca and Rinaldo are orphans. Ever since their parents died, they have been living hidden in the forest. Lucilla is the only daughter of the Duc di Castelguelfo, famous for his exploits defending the Republic of Siena.

Lucilla’s parents are too busy to pay much attention to their daughter, who still feels lonely despite being surrounded by an army of maids and servants.

But everything changes when she meets Tosca – a mini Robin Hood living a life so different from her own – and their adventures through 14th-century Tuscany begin.

In this first volume in the series, they will have to save Lucilla from a fate worse than death: marriage to a man she doesn’t want.

More about Tosca, including a link to preview pages here on Europe Comics

Script by Olivier Bocquet – Art by Brice Cossu

When a 13-year-old orphan sets out to find his parents and ends up in prehistoric times, he realises he’s got a lot of work to do: so many things haven’t been invented yet, like fire, soap… and vowels! Not to mention all the terrifying creatures and knuckledragging cavemen he has to deal with!

Based on the trailer alone, this manga-inspired title looks tremendous fun!

More about FRNK, including a link to preview pages here on Europe Comics

Emma and Violette: One Dream for Three
Script by Jérôme Hamon – Art by Lena Sayaphoum

Emma and Violette are sisters who share the same dream of attending Paris’s most prestigious dance school. Violette passes the first audition with flying colors, but Emma doesn’t, and their world comes crashing down. But there may be more than one way to dance through life… This is the revelation at the heart of the first volume of this lively and graceful narrative.

More about Emma and Violette, on a page that includes a link to preview pages here on Europe Comics

Globetrotting Viola
Script by Teresa Radice – Art by Stefano Turconi
Published by Tunue (Italy)

The first chapter of the series takes place in Paris. Viola, the young protagonist, is divided between her free life in the circus and her duty at school. But Paris is the city of beuty and art, and soon she will make an encounter with a special person!

More about Globetrotting Viola, on a page that includes a link to preview pages here on Europe Comics

Abbott and Barley
Script by Silvia Vecchini – Art by Sualzo
Publisher: Bago (Italy)

Abbott wishes to take his son Barley to a special place, a place just for the two of them, a place where he can be a hero to Barley. Wherever they decide to go, Barley’s friends had been there before.

Only Abbott’s huge heart will be able to find the perfect place: he’s brave, he can handle it!

More about Abbott and Barley, on a page that includes a link to preview pages here on Europe Comics

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