Eagle in the 1980s: The TV ad!

Cartoonist Lew Stringer has come across this advertisement for the launch of the new Eagle comic in 1980s, making the most of the return of Dan Dare and the title’s ambitious photo stories.

The ad features Grange Hill actor Vincent Matthews (who played Jeremy Irvine on that that series), a character who tragically drowned in the school swimming pool in 1984. Vincent who played Jeremy on Grange Hill for two years, these days works on the other side of the camera, running his own production company which produces a range of features for clients all over the world. (There’s an interview with him here on Grange Hill Gold).

British comics were regularly advertised at launch on TV when their large circulations merited it, and it’s been great to see Hachette giving their 2000AD-related titles similar treatment in recent years.

“It’s good to see that TV ad again,” says Eagle editor, now author Barrie Tomlinson. “We humble editorial folk didn’t have any input into what went into the ad. I’m not sure if I would have involved fishing!!”

• Our thanks to “pinster” for posting this on YouTube | For more classic TV ads check out the History of TV Advertising Trust web site, which, while it doesn’t include this ad or any for 2000AD, does feature a lot of other gems, including the comic-inspired ad for Thin Lizzy’s album The Boys are Back in Town

Were you one of the other actors in this ad? perhaps you remember its recording? Do let us know in a comment below!

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Thanks to David Moloney of Great News for All Readers for spotting Vincent Matthews

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