Exclusive Preview – Operation Boom Issue One

Operation Boom - Cover

Written and Illustrated by Chris Imber
Colours and Letters by Chris Jenkins
Flats by Jotazombie
Published by Reckless Hero

The Plot: The first issue of Operation Boom opens on a secret underground government organisation who have called an emergency meeting after a lone stranger breaks in and defeats numerous highly trained and armed soldiers with only a Bo Staff. This man was there to steal a highly important piece of military hardware.  The man, known only as ‘Stick’, is part of a terrorist network under the command of a man known as ‘The Gentleman’ and a group of mercenaries are put together to recover the property.

How nuts will this get? Very nuts, I believe, is the answer that you want…

Operation Boom - Promotional Image

The Preview: After loving The Last Sheriff from Reckless Heroes I was keen to see what they did next and I am glad to say that it is more of the same bombastic, hyper violent, manga influenced craziness I love. Operation Boom delivers a special brand of crazy well beyond the usual, presenting an excellent set-up in a well paced and carefully crafted Issue One. It features a mysterious and no doubt duplicitous government conspiracy, powerful and organised terrorists and a team of specially trained and powered mercenaries ready to stab eyes and kick faces in.

Operation Boom - Preview 2

This first issue is an absolute blast to read right from the get go. I loved every insane and deranged set action piece, with their completely unhinged angles and super colourful acrobatics. Chris Imber, the artist and writer, is absolutely on top of his game and can be put up against the best in the biz in this sort of arena. The colours are bright and vibrant and are used to great effect in the vibrant action sequences (of which there are a lot!)

This is coming soon, so raid the piggy bank and make sure you snatch it up! I was just lucky enough to see a preview copy and I loved it!


• Currently at the printers and will also soon be available on Comixology, you can find out more about Reckless Hero by visiting their website at www.RecklessHero.com Find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Recklessherohq or follow them on Twitter @RecklessHeroHQ

• You can find Chris Imber on Twitter @RECKLESS_IMBER

• Chris Jenkins can be found Twittering @TheMightyBurbs

• Jotazombie (probably not a real name, I’m guessing?) is on Twitter @jotazombie

The Reckless Hero people can be found on the 14th February 2016 at MCM Telford www.mcmcomiccon.com/midlands; at Em-Con in Nottingham www.em-con.co.uk on the 15th March 2016 and at Birmingham MCM Comicon www.mcmcomicon.com/birmingham on the 21st and 22nd of March 2016 – so pop along and say hi

Many thanks for reading.


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