Exclusive Sneak Peek: Who Dares Publishing “The Evil of the Daleks” Collection In the Works

The Evil of the Daleks - The Chris Thompson Collection (Who Dares Publishing)

Anti-Dalek Force agents have leaked these tantalising images of a new project on its way from Who Dares Publishing – a special The Evil of the Daleks Chris Thompson Collection that will include prints of photographs taken by the story’s set designer.

The special set – launch date not yet revealed – will also include a DVD featuring an interview by Phil Newman with Chris, some already released by Toybox Treasures on YouTube.

The project is the brainchild of Matthew Doe, who’s also working on the “Recreation of a Shawcraft Dalekwe reported on earlier.

The Evil of the Daleks - The Chris Thompson Collection (Who Dares Publishing)

Chris Thompson, whose BBC production credits also include Colditz, Out of the Unknown, Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Z Cars, was designer of The Evil of the Daleks, and took a number of photographs during filming which have only limited publication.

The Evil of the Daleks, starring Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor, is the mostly-missing ninth and final serial of the fourth season of Doctor Who, which originally aired in the UK in seven weekly parts from 20th May to 1st July 1967. The story saw the debut of Deborah Watling as the Doctor’s new companion, Victoria Waterfield. Only Episode Two, the episode in which Victoria first appears, is held in the BBC archives. The other six remain missing.

The Evil of the Daleks - The Chris Thompson Collection (Who Dares Publishing)

Who Dares Publishing are legendary Doctor Who artist Andrew Skilleter and Matthew Doe, one of the UK’s latest and leading Doctor Who memorabilia experts, an entrepreneur solely in the field of the BBC drama series. It was Matthew who had the inspired idea of bringing together their skill sets and relaunching Andrew’s legendary 1980s publishing company, Who Dares, beginning with the first ever Target Art Calendar featuring a selection of Andrew’s cover paintings.

Who Dares has been launching a number of terrific high quality art based projects of distinction since 2017 – and it seems there is no stopping them!

Keep an eye on Who Dares Publishing for the latest on this special The Evil of the Daleks project: who-dares.co.uk

Watch the interview with Chris Thompson on YouTube

Presented by Phil Newman and produced by John Kelly and Matthew Doe the interview features a special guest appearance of an original Shawcraft Dalek and screen-used props from The Evil of the Daleks

Find The Evil of the Daleks-related products on AmazonUK (Affiliate Link)

Nothing Tra La La La? – Off Air Images from The Evil of the Daleks

Author Simon Guerrier tries to make sense of the photographic archives of The Evil of the Daleks and put them in a correct “running order”

Obverse Books has published a Black Archive title exploring how The Evil of the Daleks developed from commission to broadcast 50 years ago – and beyond. Painstaking research and new interviews with many of those involved in the production shed fresh light on the story, its characters and its mix of science and history.

Hero Collector has a production timeline for the making of The Evil of the Daleks based on research compiled for Obverse Books Black Archive on the story

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