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FAB 63, the latest issue of the Gerry Anderson Fanderson club, now in the post to all Fanderson members, is a bit of Thunderbirds special and includes some not-to-be-missed comics attractions, including the finale of an epic Fireball XL5 strip and a feature by acclaimed sci-fi author Stephen Baxter continuing his exploration of post-TV 21 comics with Lady Penelope.

With more information on the mooted UFO feature film in the club’s FAB News web page (there has been a lot of media attention over Gerry Anderson’s UFO since the recent press release that legendary Hollywood producer Robert Evans is working with ITV Global to make a movie based on the 1970 series), now’s also a good time to catch up on the cast and characters from the original series with the second part of a SHADO Personnel Dossier.

The magazine also examines four of the original Thunderbirds TV show scripts that provide a unique insight into the making of the series, an fans memories are put to the test about the Thunderbirds Are Go feature film.

Also included is an exclusive interview with producer Tim Mallett of Kindred Productions on the making of Fanderson’s Stingray Soundtrack CD and a glowing reappraisal of a certain Space:1999 Year 2 episode..

FAB Magazine is available exclusively to Fanderson members. A one year membership also gives you the chance purchase the Club’s brilliant range of merchandise – books, CDs, DVDs and much more. Find out how to join and order your membership online here:

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