Fantabulous! An art collection from Oliver Wetter

The artists who contributed to SciFi Art Now are a talented bunch, and always pushing the envelope when it comes to get their work “out there” for their fans and prospective clients.

Oliver Wetter has gone a step further than most with the self publishing of a gorgeous collecton of his art in Fantabulous Visions: The Art of Fantasio.

Very much a collaborative effort, the book features plenty of Oliver’s current work, ranging from digital painting to sculpture and photo manipulation to book cover creation and caricature – even whimsical illustration.

“The intention was to make the book a work of art in itself, a showcase of over 50 images,” Oliver explains, “thoughtfully selected and graphically framed with tastefully complementing colour schemes.”

Utilising the blurb self-publishing platform, the 80-plus page book is being offered in two sizes and in softcover and hardcover. The selction of imagery throughout is stunning, including images featured in SciFi Art Now but much more besides.

The art is gorgeous, displaying Oliver’s range and styles with maximum impact and effectiveness. It includes a range of stunning work – but also offers insights into the art’s creation, with step-by step ‘snapshots’ of his creation process.

Oliver’s work has deservedly garnered plenty of praise during his career, and author Howard Lewis is effusive about his creations.

“The only thing I have found more enjoyable than writing exciting stories of alien creatures, fantastic spacecraft and galactic war is seeing my concepts come to life in the capable hands of Oliver Wetter,” he enthuses on the book’s cover.

“This book is an investment any serious art book collector can not afford to miss,” he adds. It’s a recommendation I have no hesitation in echoing here.

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