Feminism & Comics UK, Free Online Talks by Dr. Nicola Streeten, continue tonight

Feminism & Comics UK - Dr. Nicola Streeten

Author and illustrator Dr. Nicola Streeten – whose books include Billy, Me & You and more – is currently delivering a series of live online illustrated talks on the 20th of each month, at 8.00pm UK time.

The series, supported by the Arts Council England Emergency Response Award for individuals, is based on my research and new book.  is based on her PhD research and newly published book Feminist Cartoons & Comics UK: A Critical Survey and in each talk she’s considering a decade from the 1970s onwards, interpreting how feminism, comics and humour have interacted from a UK perspective.

Talk #2 Feminism & Comics UK: The 1980s takes place tonight, Monday 20th July 2020 and everyone is welcome.

“From the anger that infused feminism, comics and humour of the 1970s I argue that in this decade the anger turned inwards,” says Nicola. “My evidence is the tone of deprecation apparent in the cartooning and humour emerging.

“Why was this? What was happening in the UK during this decade? And how did women’s comics engage with and reflect changes in feminism and wider politics? Join me for this illustrated presentation as I offer my interpretations.”

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The series is offered free of charge, intended as an educational resource that is accessible to a general audience whilst also informative and relevant to the academy.

The talks will be uploaded in due course to Dr Nicola Streeten YouTube Channel. Please subscribe, share and like. The first talk is now available.

Feminism, Comics & Humour UK: Talk #1: An introduction
Dr Nicola Streeten
Dr Nicola Streeten

Dr Nicola Streeten is a speaker, writer, drawer, teacher of comics and organiser of comics events. Her graphic memoir Billy, Me & You (2011, Myriad Editions) is about her process of bereavement following the death of her child. Her AHRC funded doctoral research informed her co-editing of The Inking Woman with Cath Tate (2018, Myriad Editions) an illustrated history of women’s cartooning in Britain, complemented by UK Feminist Cartoons and Comics: A Critical Survey (2020 Palgrave Macmillan). With over twenty years experience as a freelance illustrator, since 2009 she has been working specifically with the comics form.

Nicola has extensive experience of delivering comics workshops, both nationally and internationally in a variety of contexts to people of all levels. Since 2014, she has taught on Art and Design undergraduate courses at London College of Communication (UAL), Kingston University and Brighton University and on courses at The Creative Writing Programme, Brighton. Her work mentoring artists individually has been a central element of her role in developing and delivering outcomes for the British Council “Creating Heroines” project since 2018.

She has also sat as judge on the Myriad First Graphic Novel competition and for the Laydeez Awards prize. 

• Dr. Nicola Streeten is online at nicolastreeten.wordpress.com | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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