First Collected Volume of Webcomic ‘Captain Fishbeard’ released this week

This week brings the release of Captain Fishbeard – Volume One, the culmination of the first 26 comics, published on WebToons and via by cartoonist, Tom Sparke.

Captain Fishbeard features the adventures of the ocean’s silliest fish-man and his weekly oddness is posted every Wednesday.

The first episode of "Captain Fishbeard" by Tom Sparke

The first episode of “Captain Fishbeard” by Tom Sparke

Cambridge-based Tom, who reveals in one of his Fishbeard strips that he began developing the character some years ago, started posting the weekly comics in April of this year and has gained a loyal following of ‘Beardos’, the self-chosen name for Fishbeard fans.

Other regular characters in the comics are ‘Fleur’ (a mermaid), ‘Herman’ (a Merman) and ‘Pinchy’ (a light-fingered crab!).

Panels from a recent episode of "Captain Fishbeard" by Tom Sparke

Panels from a recent episode of “Captain Fishbeard” by Tom Sparke

An illustrator and cartoonist, Tom specialises in fun, anarchic cartoons and has tried his hand at books, magazines, puzzles, cards, t-shirts, cushions, TV props, maps and says he’ll try pretty much anything else!

Captain Fishbeard – Volume One will be available online from Tom’s web site and in person at Nottingham Comic Con this weekend, on 20th October and at MCM London next week (26th – 28th October 2018)

Additional Fishbeard merchandise including tattoos and stickers will also be available!

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