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While former Commando editor George Low continues with the Carlton (and SevenOaks) Commando reprint books, new Commando editor Calum Laird has made his mark on DC Thomson’s official website for the comic.

The site has be given a revamp with more regular updates, artwork features derived from the title’s inside covers including of course Ian Kennedy’s aircraft illustrations, and wallpapers based on various Commando covers. There is also the beginning of an online adaptation of one of the stories, Wall of Death, originally published in 1966.

In addition, and unfortunately a little late for this Christmas, there is now a range of merchandise including mugs and adult sized T-shirts with the Commando logo and a range of illustrations covering combat on land, in the air and by sea.

The Commando website can be found at

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  1. “Not guilty, yer Honour!”

    The updated and uprated Commando website was not really me making my mark. It was part of a programme started before I took over the reins. Although I was happy to go along with things, all that you can see on the site had been planned for some time by our digital projects crew, also known as “The Boffins.”

    Now it’s up to me and the Commando team to keep things fresh and updated so if there’s anything you want to see, contact me through the website.

    Calum Laird

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