Freaks, Heroes and Horrors, Good Grief! A Dastardly Digital Bundle of Comics Now On Sale

The Red Mask From Mars #1 - Cover

Following up on my plug earlier today for 100% Biodegradable Issue 11, there’s a fab “Freaks, Heroes and Horrors Bundle” on offer from four ace independent publishers on the digital platform Drivethrucomics – and it’s bigger than ever this time around.

Offering 13 comics at one low price of $2.50/£1.70, Redshift Press brings horror to the mix with Dark Matter and Whispering Sands, while Raw Edge Comics delivers the sci-fi superhero comedy carnage with The Red Mask From Mars: Origins, plus Issues One and Two of the regular comic.

Good Guys Comics offers the booze, along with lashings of celebrity superhero depravity in Good Guys Issues One and Two, and the bargain package, available only until 1st January 2016 is rounded off with all six issues of 100% Biodegradable from Biomekazoik Comics, offering a whole host a mutant oddities and twisted sci-fi tales in 100%  issues 1 to 6.

Grab it whilst everything’s nice and cheap from: Drivethrucomics here

The Freaks, Heroes and Horrors Bundle

100% Biodegradable Issue 1100% Biodegradable Issue One

The first issue of the action packed bi-monthly digital sci-fi comic extravaganza from creators across the UK, featuring strips from Tony Suleri, Dave Hailwood, Paul Harrison-Davies, Dave Thomson, Stuart Giddings, Simon Mackie and Stu Smith.

Gigantic rampaging rodents…paranormal ice-cream salesmen… psychotic alien cab drivers… this anthology has it all!  (strips are in b/w and colour)

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100% Biodegradable Issue Two

Issue 2 of the bi-monthly digital sci-fi comic anthology features strips from Tony Suleri, Dave Hailwood, Paul Harrison-Davies, Dave Thomson, Stuart Giddings, Simon Mackie, Neil Alexander and Mike Parsons.

Wise cracking one-eyed mutants…dissectable clones…vengeful photocopiers from outer space…gay aliens in love.  Oh my, yes!  A little something for everybody!  (strips are in b/w and colour)

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100% Biodegradable Issue Three

Deep sea divers, deadly supernatural hell hounds, horny loved-up aliens, and lashings of wondrous carnage and mayhem!

Featuring strips by Tony Suleri (Scar Comics, Futurequake), Mark Bertolini (Markosia, FUBAR Press), Carl Yonder (Action Lab Comics, Comixtribe), Dave Hailwood (TOXIC, Strip Magazine), Dave Thomson (Strip Magazine, Dr WTF?) Simon Mackie, Mike Parsons and Denis Vermesse (strips are in b/w and colour)

100% Biodegradable Issue Four

Hard boiled detectives, high speed car chases, brain harvesting aliens and adulterous martians!  Grab yourself a slice of ridiculously cheap digital comic carnage.

Featuring strips by Stewart Moore (Futurequake, Tin Man Games, the Solomon Kane movie), Jim Alexander (Judge Dredd Megazine, 2000AD, Metal Hurlant TV Series), Jon Haward (Judge Dredd, 2000AD, Tales Of The Buddha), Nigel Dobbyn (2000AD, Sonic The Comic, The Beano), Paul H. Birch (TOXIC, Bulletproof, Creepy Kofy Movie Time), Mats Engesten (Brainstorm Comics, Atlantis Studios), Dave Thomson, Simon Mackie, Tony Suleri and more!

(Rated 15+ due to mild nun-orientated nudity, several rude words and the unfortunate massacre of a Tellytubby.

100% Biodegradable Issue Five

Issue 5 of 100% Biodegradable is bursting with self contained strips from some of the most deranged minds working in the UK comics industry today, including Dave Roberts (Futurequake, Something Wicked), Dave Thomson, David Hailwood and Brett Burbridge.

100% Biodegradable Issue 6 Cover100% Biodegradable Issue Six

Werewolf romance, undead wildebeests, murderous aliens, lonely giants, kung-fu kitchen antics…must be time for another slice of digital comic carnage!

Come feast your eyes on a right freakshow of a comic anthology, featuring the likes of Neill Cameron (The Pirates Of Pangaea, Mega Robo Bros), Stewart Moore, Tony Suleri, Roland Bird (The Final Deathrace, Accent UK Zombies), Paul H. Birch, Neil Alexander, Stu Perrins (Prime, Harvey Spig), Vince Hunt (The Red Mask From Mars, Tales From A Lonely Planet) and more.

Dark Matter: CoverDark Matter

Dark Matter is an anthology of short tales written by Chris Sides, with artwork by a plethora of indie talent, including Chris Travell, Dean Sandford, Simon Bennett Hayes, Mahmut Dervish, Ashley Hewerdine and Freja Steele, as well as a cover by the inimitable Colin Lorimer (Harvest, Hellraiser: Bestiary, Millennium). Each story has a different style and genre; some sci-fi, some horror, but all with a dark theme/twist. Don’t expect a happy ending.

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Good Guys Issue One

The first issue of an action packed sit-com-ic that takes a slide-ways swipe at societies fame fixated failings.

Welcome to Mega-Fornia where Su-Lebs (Super Celebrities) are worshiped and No-Po’s (Non-Powered) are ignored.

Starring a wannabe and a never-was on their desperate quest to become rich and famous heroes in a world where crime is non existent.

The Good Guys comic is for anyone who has chased the dream long after everyone else has woke up. It’s a nod to the naive hopeful and a wink to the washed-up.

Good Guys don’t give up even when no one needs them.

Good Guys Issue Two

So far two wannabe heroes, Toy-Boy and V-Star, have been sent on a mission by their psychic PR agent to break into a Su-Leb rehab centre to track down a wallet thief. While there they then stumble across a bizarre basement where a group of evil doers are torturing some bound up good guys.

Our defective duo jump into the fray…

Join the boys in this second issue as they bicker their way through 24 pages of bondage, beatings and booze and see why it’s impossible to live in Mega-fornia and still be a Good Guy.

The Red Mask from Mars Issue One

It all starts with a meteor flying towards earth, and a giant goo beast terrorising Hyde Park…

The Red Mask from Mars is a comic book series that centers on thrill-seeking former astronaut Doug Stewart, who finds himself the bearer of immense power after an unfortunate encounter with an unidentified life form (basically, the thing latched itself to his face and wont let go) on a mission to Mars. Now they protect the public, the country and the world from all kinds of alien terror when it decides to strike.

In the explosive first issue, Doug and his new Xenosphere team-mates are called out to keep tabs on a meteor crash site in the middle of the Dorset countryside…

Read Owen Watt’s “Cup of O” review

The Red Mask From Mars - Issue 2The Red Mask from Mars Issue Two

When an expedition to investigate a meteor crash site takes a surprising turn, everyones’ favourite hero with an alien strapped on his face Doug Stewart and his team find themselves facing a group of huge alien snake-like shark beasts on a rampage. If that’s not bad enough, there’s a giant alien egg that starts causing its own brand of chaos. Only one thing is certain…. things are gonna get ugly!

Good vs Evil. Mystery. Loss. Sacrifice. Punches. Fluffy bunnies. The Red Mask From Mars issue Two has it all!

Read Antony Esmond’s review

The Red Mask from Mars: Origin

See where it all began!

Find out how Doug Stewart became the kamikaze one-liner spewing hero of mass destruction he is today!

Plus, not only does he become the UK’s newest hero, but he has to face off against a bloodthirsty bunch of alien space vampires (who used to be his friends!).

How did he get an alien strapped to his face?

What did he look like before it happened?

What made the shady agency known as Xenosphere hire him?

And how ugly are alien space vampires (heres a clue: REEEEEAL UGLY)?

Whispering Sands CoverWhispering Sands

Northern Phuket, Thailand. Local fisherman Chen enjoys a rare ocean excursion with his estranged young son, Kai, off the coastline of a popular holiday resort. As Kai excitedly makes the first catch of the day, the shoreline suddenly recedes, leaving Chen’s boat stranded. Chen knows this is bad news – gathering Kai, he makes to run, but something in the sand catches his eye. Something he can’t ignore. Something with a message…

A one-shot inspired by the large number of bizarre supernatural occurrences that took place after the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami in Thailand, WHISPERING SANDS is a story of disaster and hope when all is seemingly lost.

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