Free Splank! Annual 2020 Promoting Creators from the UK and Ireland Launches

Splank! Annual 2020 - Cover

The Splank! Annual 2020, a free comic promoting creators from the UK and Ireland in the face of Comic-Con cancellations has just launched. The free title is the brainchild of indie comics editor, writer and publisher Peter Duncan – and there’s an option for readers to make a donation in support of NHS Together, the National Health Service charity appeal.

The Splank! Annual 2020 is a free 150-page digital comic now available to download from

The book, which harks back to the traditional hard-backed annuals that were a staple of British Christmas stockings, combines work from professional artists, small-press publishers and newcomers in a mix of humour and adventure strips – with a few trips into the surreal world of Dada.

The annual was put together by Peter Duncan, a longtime comics fan turned small-press publisher, who says Splank! has two purposes. First, to promote the work of creators hit by the cancellation of comic conventions and shows, and secondly, to promote a dedicated appeal via JustGiving appeal for donations to NHS Together, a charity that supports workers and volunteers in the UK National Health Service.

“As Comic Convention after Comic Convention was cancelled, small press writers and artists were losing a huge portion of their income,” Peter explains. “As a comics fan I wanted to see if there was anything I could do to help.

“While I was musing over that idea, I was taken ill and had to go into A&E in Belfast for a procedure. I was struck, as usual, by the compassion and care that all of the staff in the Royal Victoria Hospital gave to me and all other patients. At a time when they were literally putting their lives on the line for us, their top priority still lay with the health and comfort of the patients they were treating.

“I was lucky, I was home in a matter of hours, none the worse for wear,” he continues, “but my determination to do something to say thank you to those wonderful, brave people was greater than ever”.

Splank! 2020 Annual - Dresden Q. Otherside by Nigel Parkinson
Dresden Q. Otherside by Nigel Parkinson
Splank! 2020 Annual - Hot Dog and Mustard by Marc Jackson
Hot Dog and Mustard by Marc Jackson

With the assistance of a small army of generous and talented creators, Peter, decided to revive his 2018 title, Splank!, a tribute to the comics of his childhood, adding more than 100 pages of material (which are mostly new but including some samples from previously published comics) and deciding to make it available as a free download.

Contributors include Nigel Parkinson, Leslie Stannage and Gary Whitlock from Beano, and the legendary Steve MacManus.

Splank! Annual 2020  - D-Day Dodgers
D-Day Dodgers by Steve MacManus, illustrated by Joseph McCafferty

“Steve was editor of 2000AD during the golden years of the ‘Galaxy’s Greatest Comic’ and wrote a text story capturing perfectly, the essence of something from a Battle or Valiant annual,” notes Peter.

“Add the cream of the UK and Irish small press scene, and friends from Sector 13, the 2000AD fanzine I edit, and some brilliant newcomers – and I think you have something a little special.”

You can grab the free comic here on GetMyComics, and there are more details about the project on the Splank! webpage, including a growing list of links to the websites and e-shops of contributors and friends.

To donate to the Splank! fundraiser, check out the Justgiving page, which is also promoted on the site from which the comic will be distributed.

The Cloak versus The Grumpy Penguin by Peter Duncan and Mike Higgs
The Cloak versus The Grumpy Penguin by Peter Duncan and Mike Higgs

“My huge thanks to Adrian Clarke at, all of the writers and artists who supplied material for Splank!,” says Peter, “especially Mike Higgs, legendary creator of ‘The Cloak’ who not only put Peter in a story featuring his old story but also drew (and dramatically improved) my first ever comic script!”

Grab the Splank! Annual 2020 here from GetMyComics

• Check out Splank! at: | Justgiving:

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