Futurequake 11: On Sale Now

(via David Hailwood’s new blog): The latest issue of the twice Eagle Award nominated Futurequake will be available to buy at the Birmingham International Comic Show this weekend. Preview images can be viewed on the messageboard of the comic’s website at www.futurequake.co.uk and comics can also be purchased online.

Included in the issue is Spare Parts by Dave and the ever fabulous Tony Suleri, a tale about a scavenger who gets a little more than he bargained for when he ventures into the sewers).

The complete line up is as follows:

Cover Art : Neil Pettitt

  • Collectors Piece (writer) Dan Hill, (art) Tim Twelves, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Dulce Et Decorum Est (writer) Paul Glasswell, (art) Neil Roberts, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Field Trip (writer) Dan Hill, (art) Chris Fenoglio, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Imaginary Friends (writer) Dan the Emperor, (art) Neil Pettitt, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Infinity Battle (writer) Chris Stiefvater Thomas, (art) Panos Kamaoulakos, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Last Squad (writer) Rob Spalding, (art) Brett Buckle, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Lazarus Falls (writer) Kevin McHugh, (art & letters) Caroline Parkinson
  • Rank and File (writer) Mike Moreci, (art & letters) Keith Burns
  • Spare Parts (writer) Dave Hailwood , (art) Tony Suleri (letters) Dave Hailwood
  • Superhero Shorts- The Audition (writer) Mark Smith, (art) Owen Watts, (letters) Bolt-01
  • Waste of Time (writer & letters) Dave Hailwood, (art) Tony Suleri

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