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City of Dredd Third Edition

Coming soon for 2000AD and Judge Dredd fans – the third edition of a 1000-plus page, unofficial Judge Dredd reference manual.

On sale from 13th January 2014 as a PDF eBook, City of Dredd is a gazetteer of Mega-City One, its many thrilling locations and the stories told in and around them, drawn from official Dreddworld sources including comics, audio dramas, computer games and novels.

This Third Edition by John Caliber and Ivan Noel replaces the critically-acclaimed City Of Dredd 2135 (the previous edition) and augments extensively with updated and expanded material from the very earliest published Judge Dredd stories through to 2000AD Prog 2014 and Judge Dredd Megazine 343.

City Of Dredd takes readers on a street-by-street warts-and-all vacation to Mega-City One, where most of Judge Dredd’s adventures have taken place,” John explains. “It’s a gazetteer of amazing scope, endeavouring to document not only all the locations within the City Wall to have featured in official Dreddworld literature, but also all the stories to have taken place in, around, under and over them. The final chapter: Progology, is a year-by-year Dreddworld chronology and story reference.

“The research effort has been massive, having commenced in 2007,” he reveals. “While exhaustive, it remains incomplete for two reasons: firstly, new Dreddworld fiction continues to be published every week, presently beyond the scope of these 2014 updated editions; secondly, with the best will in the world, omissions do occur, although the writing team constantly reviews older stories in search of missing materials for inclusion in the next editions. On this topic, Ivan and I welcome any assistance, so perhaps readers might like to cross-reference City Of Dredd and Worlds Of Dredd while reading your favourite Dreddworld fictions and check if we’ve inadvertently missed any relevant information!”

The sister book Worlds Of Dredd Second Edition 2014, providing coverage of Earth, the solar system, outer space and other dimensions, will be published in February. Details to follow at a later date.

City of Dredd: Third Edition by John Caliber and Ivan Noel is on sale from 13th January 2014 as a PDF eBook from


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