Geek Syndicate Auctions All-Star Superman Art for Charity

ass03_15.jpgComics and scifi podcast site Geek Syndicate has launched a charity auction that will include some unique comic art and other collectables, to help an eight-year-girl after the sudden and untimely death of her father, a loyal supporter of the popular site.

The Ebay auction includes items donated by DJ and TV host Jonathan Ross, artist Frank Quietly, 2000AD, Doctor Who and Captain Britain writer Paul Cornell, and the cast and crew of BBC’s Merlin and more.

The auction is in aid of the daughter of Eric Martin, died of a massive heart attack on last month during his sleep, aged only 36. “Eric was a great supporter of Geek Syndicate back when the podcast first started and came on a few episodes and stayed in touch with me and David Montieth,” explains Geek Syndicate host Barry Nugent. “He went on to start up a few podcasts of his own – Comic Playground (A look at all ages comics) and DC Noise.

Ericandgracie.jpg“He was a huge supporter of the Comic Podcasting community who loved comics and all things geek.”

Now, Eric’s brother Mike has now set up a donation fund for Eric’s eight year old daughter, Gracie and Barry and Dave decided to organize an auction to raise money for the donation fund by asking some the people they have met doing the podcast to contribute something to the auction.

The auction will take place on ebay and kick off on Monday 14th December and run until Friday 18th December.
Items are still being sorted out for the auction but at the moment the list is the following.

• Radio and TV host Jonathan Ross will be donating a piece of original comic art from his collection.

Frank Quitely (Batman and Robin, We3, All Star Superman, The Authority) will be donating an original page from his run on All Star Superman.

Tommy Lee Edwards (Batman, Daredevil, Hellboy, Star Wars) will be donating a piece of his own art.

2000AD will be donating a Greg Staples signed sketch, Books of Invasions Vol. 1, 2 and 3 signed both by Pat Mills and Clint Langley (with a quick sketch in each by Clint) and a signed copy of Pat Mills’ Requiem Book One.

signed_dvdcover1.jpgPaul Cornell (Doctor Who, Primeval, Captain Britain and MI:13) will be donating a signed initial pitch document for Captain Britain and MI-13 that no one has ever seen.

• Geek Syndicate will be donating a copy of The League of Extraordinary Gentleman: Century 1910 signed by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill

• Titan Books will be donating a Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia and a Watchmen Film Companion signed by Dave Gibbons.

• Shine, the team behind BBC’s Merlin, have kindly offered Series 1 Volume 1 and Series 1 Volume 2 DVD’s signed by the cast (Bradley James, Colin Morgan, Angel Coulby, Katie McGrath and Anthony Head).

Barry and Dave would like to thank all of the folks who have so kindly offered to contribute something to the auction. Details can be found at

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