Gerry Anderson In Glasgow

Television producer Gerry Anderson has appeared at the Aye Write Book Festival in Glasgow, talking about his career in series as diverse as Four Feather Falls, Stingray, Space:1999 and Lavender Castle as well as his career defining Thunderbirds, and giving a little away about his future plans.

Despite having an impressive collection of stories and anecdotes to tell, as his fans well know, Gerry Anderson is not a natural orator in front of a large crowd. Yet in the Mitchell Library and Theatre in Glasgow he was interviewed by author Richard Hollis who put him at his ease and filled in the historical details of the various shows that Gerry has worked on.

The theatre was virtually sold-out with parents bringing children along to what was billed as a family event. Indeed the many clips from the various series projected on to the big screen behind the participants delighted the audience, although perhaps the children found the more technical and financial details of the series of rather less interest.

Despite not having any series currently in production, 78 year old Anderson retains an office at Pinewood Studios and was very upbeat about the future as he is due to have discussions with ITV in the near future.

Perhaps we may yet get the long hoped for CGI Thunderbirds TV series after all.

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