Get Wasted!

Comics writer Alan Grant (Batman, Judge Dredd) wants you to get Wasted!

Grant is one of the big names behind Wasted, a new independent comic. It’s Earth’s new comic-book for today’s Youth gone wild!*

Wasted features a cracking cover from Frank Quitely (All-Star Superman) and contributions from Grant and comic artist Jon Haward, among others, who has previously worked on comic strips for 2000AD, The Eagle and for Marvel UK.

Those of faint heart take note, the comic comes with the following warning:

“Should you suffer from narrow mindedness or are politically correct then sorry, you’re just not allowed to read this magazine… Log off now and report yourself to someone in authority. However, if you enjoy a good laugh then enjoy our twisted tales, astounding artwork and maliciously whimsical sexy babes. If you’re a female reader please substitute ’sexy hunks’ for ’sexy babes’.”

• You can buy the comic online for £2 and preview Wasted here. . A print version will hit the stands in February.

*according to its Website, anyway.

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  1. I happen to be at work so I can’t look at the preview…
    The disclaimer looks interesting though!

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