Glasgow Comic Con 2015: The Setup

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I have been to relatively few conventions, so I always find it incredibly interesting to watch a convention grow from an idea to a fully functioning beast ready to accept the traffic of hundreds, if not thousands of eager fans to meet artists, writers, publishers and dealers. And Glasgow ComicCon 5 is no different.

Sha hard at work

Sha Nazir hard at work

Glasgow Comic Con 2015 - Corpsetalk Banner

This year it has been almost a week long celebration of comics with comic related films being screened since Tuesday 30th June 2015 until Friday 3rd July 2015. Four events would have got most of us interested in one way or another.

The Comic Art: Millarworld and Beyond exhibition that is on at the Glasgow Print Studio must be of interest to a few folk, especially those that were fortunate enough to attend the special preview on Thursday 2nd July 2015. This exhibition now runs until 30th August 2015 for those that fancy having a look at some of the artwork that Mark Millar has been involved in. For those that know that I am a tart for art, you will appreciate that seeing all that Frank Quitely art in one place might make me go all faint!

Des O’Gorman’s Still Ready To Believe You is a wonderful tribute that any Ghostbusters’ fan will appreciate. Although, not as funny as his Inspector Gadget dance, there is still plenty to keep any of us happy. That also took place on Thursday 2 July 2015.

And Kenny Boyle’s Hero Worship got a rare outing and is probably one of the few things that I regret having missed as I can only drive to Glasgow 4 times in a week before my body cries enough. I hope those that did attend had a great time.

One event I did manage to attend was what can only be described as a uniquely Scottish invention. We know it is dangerous to drink and drive, but “Drink and Draw“? Well, that was a well attended event and I was impressed by the standard of those sketch books that I was able to look through. One chap that I have to mention was a Paul Moore, whose work has a strong John Burns feel to it. I was half tempted to try and remove his sketch pad for my own delight, but that would have been childish and unfair as I looked forward to seeing more of his work.

Glasgow Comic Con 2015 - Drink and Draw

Judge Hershey Sketch by Paul Moore

Judge Hershey Sketch by Paul Moore

By the time, you read this, the convention will either be open. In which case, why are you reading this? Go! Get to the Contemporary Centre of Arts, Sauchiehall Street for a comic convention. Or you are looking at this article from an unknown point in the future. And hopefully you will be able to tell future me how much you enjoyed that convention or your reason for missing it.

• More information can be found at the website for Glasgow Comic Con 2015

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  1. Just a small correction, as one of the people mentioned my name Is Paul Moore not Tony, i was going to do a websearch for the blog you mentioned last night Colin, but i had forgotten your first name as well, just remembering your surname Noble


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