Glenn Fabry Sketch Book in the works after successful Kickstarter campaign, other projects hinted at


Top comics artist Glenn Fabry has easily secured funding for his planned Sketchbook 3 book project, which will feature over 40 full colour pages of never seen before exciting images by the artist perhaps best known for his work on 2000AD‘s Slaine and cover art for Marvel and DC Comics on titles such as Preacher and Hellblazer.

Aiming for £4500 in backing with four days to run over 160 backers have supported the Kickstarter project by over £10,000, taking Glenn’s plans into ‘stretch goal’ territory. It will feature previously unpublished Preacher, Hellblazer, Batman, Sandman, Slaine, Marvel, DC Comics and horror images – and even a sketch of Alan Moore.

The book will also feature commissions backers can make via the rewards, which include a Zombie Bob Marley on horseback impaling a dragon with a ten foot reefer and Ganeesh on a skateboard.

“My overall goal is to one day make a giant art book with my own work and ideas inside,” says Glenn. “This all unfortunately takes quite a long time and a lot of effort. I cannot do it on my own I need help.

Art from Glenn Fabry's Mute written by Director of Moon and other great movies, Duncan Jones.

Art from Glenn Fabry’s Mute written by the director of Moon and other great films, Duncan Jones.

“Money from this campaign will go towards producing  Sketchbook 3, hopefully full of great pledged commissions. It will also buy me some breathing room to finish my current project Mute written by Director of Moon and other great movies, Duncan Jones. It’s a brilliant project, I can’t wait to get it done and just want to finish it to the best standard I can.”

Glenn has been a comic strip artist for over 30 years, starting off with some stuff for the punk rock band The Stranglers, then moving on to 2000AD, drawing and painting the characters Slaine and Judge Dredd. He’s well known for his cover work on books such as Preacher and Hellblazer, picking up some some award nominations and wins along the way. He’s collaborated with publisher and agents Berserker for many years, taking on a varied and often bizzare range of commissions.

As well as working on Mute Glenn says he’s “contemplating my future with writer and best friend Alan Mitchell as we join forces to write the greatest story ever told”, which given the calibre of both creators involved is definitely one we hope we’ll hear more about soon!

Check out the Sketchbook 3 Kickstarter here – the more backing Glenn gets, the sooner we’ll see Mute

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