Glenn Lumsden wins Australia’s Stanley Award for best Comic Book Artitst – for the second time

The Phantom artist Glenn Lumsden has won this year’s Australian Stanley Award for Comic Book Artist.

The Stanley Awards, also known as The Stanleys, are an annual comics award announced each November, issued by the Australian Cartoonists’ Association, the world’s oldest cartooning organisation. Recognising the best of Australian cartoonists and cartooning, they’re named after Australian political cartoonist Stan Cross and were first organised in November 1985.

A previous Stanley Award winner, once for “Comic Book Artist”, a category started in 2010, and twice for “Adventure /Illustrated Strip Artist” with David de Vries, Glenn has over 25 years experience in illustration and comic creating, illustrating books, cartoon and comic strips, as well as working in advertising, branding and marketing.

A self taught Commercial, Comic and Cartoon artist, he’s perhaps best known for his work on The Phantom, and Batman for DC Comics. His work has appeared in magazines such as MAD, Penthouse and many more.

He’s just drawn “Death Dive”, a three part Phantom story for Australian publisher Frew PublicationsGiant Size Phantom #15, in which the Phantom meets the Australian Shadow, due for release soon.

Originally “Death Dive” was going to be just a two parter, but the Pandemic lockdown meant Glenn had to readjust his work commitments, with commercial commissions taking priority. This resulted in the second part of “Death Dive” being split in two, but the good news for Phantom fans meant extra pages were added to the story – “the first 24 page story I’ve ever done with 27 pages in it!” Glenn noted earlier this year.

“You can’t just haphazardly chop a story into bits, each part needs to have its own beginning, middle and end, he explained. “There has to be enough action in each part to be exciting, there has to be enough recap in the dialogue so anyone coming along for the first time can pick up the story threads, and it has to end on a cliff hanger – so this requires new splash pages, added dialogue, and extended fight scenes – but that’s all to the good I reckon!”

“I first saw his work in 1995 on Marvel’s Phantom: Ghost Who Walks mini-series,” fellow comic creator Bambos Georgalou says of Glenn’s work. “I think his work is brilliant and I wish someone would re-print it in the UK or US.”

“I’m not fussy which, just do it soon!”

Publishers take note!

Frew Publications is online at

All you need to know about The Phantom can be found at

Australian Cartoonists’ Association, the world’s oldest cartooning organisation

Check out books featuring work by Glenn on AmazonUK (Affiliate Link)

With thanks to Bambos Georgiou for the news

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  1. Glenn is AMAZING! Being on Phantom must be the gig of a lifetime, let alone being top dog in Oz for two years running. As a Kiwi I grew up on The Phantom and would really like to hunt down some of Glenn’s work.

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