Good Cop, Bad Cop checks into High-Ex

Good Cop, Bad Cop #1

If you’re planning a trip to the Highlands for the Hi-Ex Comic Expo next weekend, then be sure to track down the latest comics from Black Hearted Press, run by Jim Alexander, David Brayher, John Farman and Sha Nazir.

Black Hearted Press is a new Scottish comic book publisher promoting new, exciting and diverse creator owned, collaborative comic books whose first release was Black Maria issue 616. Building on that success, they’ve added several new titles including the much-praised School of the Damned, Gabriel and Scout One.

Their latest title is Good Cop, Bad Cop by ace writer Jim Alexander, whose credits include stories for 2000AD, DC and Marvel Comics and Metal Hurlant.

In a modern and suitably macabre take on Jekyll and Hyde, the Good Cop and Bad Cop just happen to be the same person and the first issue features three all-new stories written by Jim, with art by Garry McLaughlin (Junkie Dad, Year of Fear, Taking Flight).

A panel from Good Cop, Bad Cop

With suitably black humour and some nice touches on the characterisation, it’s a project with immense potential – I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops. For example, given the Bad Cop’s predilection for killing, rather than arresting villains, how will Good Cop cover the tracks of his alter ego? Do they have entirely different DNA, for example?

I’m sure this is the kind of thing Jim will be having fun with in later issues.

Also out is Scout One, what Jim previously described as “a super-hero strip with a difference.” Sha Nazir’s art lends the story a gritty DC Thomson look, and the first issue again features three stories from the mythology of Scout One.

“The story has a Doctor Who sensibility to it,” says Jim. “There’s a real sense of adventure and fun to be had. Something parents and kids can both enjoy.”

Hi-Ex takes place at Eden Court, Inverness 31st March – 1st April. Other guests include Jim Montynero, one of the creators on CLiNT, Rok Comics editor John Freeman, artist Graeme Neil Reid, Inko and many more. More info at

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