Goulash Grenadiers, Russians on the run – and a new Commando editor!

Commando 4967 – Goulash Grenadiers

Here’s the lowdown on the latest issues of DC Thomson’s war comic, Commando (Issues 4967-4970), on sale now in all good newsagents and various digital platforms.

This month sees a new editor in charge of the title – Kirsten Murray, a graduate from the University of Dundee, whose first work in the comics industry was at Titan Comics, particularly on their Doctor Who line. More recently, she’s been a Commissioning Editor in the comics department at DC Thomson, where she worked primarily on The Broons and Oor Wullie. She developed and wrote stories and scripts in that role, edited submitted scripts, artwork and annuals, aided with lettering, worked in the archives, and sourced new comics talent.

She’s now taken on the job of Heritage Brands Editor at the company, working on various projects, including Commando. We wish her the very best in her new role.

Commando 4967 – Goulash Grenadiers
Story: George Low Art: Keith Page Cover: Keith Page

Wrong time, wrong place and wrong soldiers. Mistaken for S.A.S., Abe, Cyril and Mike were in trouble. Being captured behind enemy lines was a nightmare for any British Soldier. But these men weren’t just any kind of soldiers… they were cooks.

Pressed working alongside Wehrmacht cooks, Abe, Cyril and Mike were left in a sticky situation. Tensions were close to boiling point until the power of Yorkshire puddings helped six men, enemies by war, become friends in catering.

Commando 4968 – Hoodoo Ship

Commando 4968 – Hoodoo Ship
Story: Powell Art: C.T. Rigby Cover: Ken Barr
Originally Commando No 255 (April 1967)

At long last, Sub-lieutenant Roy Palmer and merchant captain Brian Miller had found the island supply base from which U-boat packs slipped anchor to attack Allied convoys in the South Atlantic.

But, only after they’d been adrift for days with two boat loads of tired, unarmed men. They didn’t even have a radio to pass on the vital news.

What could they do? Not much at all it seemed, until Roy found an ancient cannon and remembered a tale about red hot cannonballs…

“Powell’s thrilling storytelling, coupled with the unusual title of this issue, makes Hoodoo Ship an exciting and rambunctious read!,” note the Commando team of this re-presented tale.

“Playing on the classic trope of a suspicious seaman, Powell invokes the tense atmosphere of a ship with more than a little hoodoo going on. Objects go missing, the boilers are sabotaged and the crew is attacked by an unseen, ghostly assailant… or so it seems.

“The star of the script is Powell’s perfect villain, Oberleutnant Franz Von Reitz. He’s unforgiving, merciless and calculating – everything you love to hate in a Commando villain. He keeps our hero on his toes and makes Hoodoo Ship a truly bewitching book!”

Commando 4969 – Yuri: On the Run

Commando 4969 – Yuri: On the Run
Story: Stephen Walsh Art: Manuel Benet Cover: Manuel Benet

Yuri Murayev, ex-Spetznaz Commando, thought that his troubles were behind him. But he hadn’t reckoned on Anatoly Speck, the sinister Russian billionaire who had made it his business to destroy the former commando.

Framed for murder, and on the run, Yuri finds himself in a deadly cat and mouse game, wanted by both the Russian underworld and his old friends in the S.A.S. With bullets flying, and the casualties mounting, it’s up to Yuri to clear his name before it’s too late!

Commando 4970 – The Diamond Smugglers

Commando 4970 – The Diamond Smugglers
Story: Bernard Gregg Art: Llops Cover: Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No 1138 (June 1977), reissued as No 2468 (May 1991)

When you want an agent to penetrate an enemy-occupied country and stay free long enough to do a tricky job, you ned someone who’s used to getting around without attracting attention. Who better than a man who smuggled diamonds in and out of that very country for years?

But there’s a difference between peace-time and war. Before, the worst that could happen to him was to be put in jail. Now, if he was caught, he faced certain death!

“This brilliant adventure follows two friends divided and reunited by war and adversary shapes us, and is brought to life with stunning visuals by classic interior artist, Llops,” notes Commando’s editor.

“For our heroes, Jan and Tom, the Second World War offers them a restored friendship, and a renewed sense of heroism and purpose. For ferocious Nazi officer Driebrick (another brilliantly drawn, snarling Commando villain), however, the war is a gateway to greater treachery.

“Add to this thrilling rivalry and riveting artwork, another atmospheric cover from master artist Ian Kennedy, and you have a recipe for a truly gripping yarn!”

• For more details on current issues of Commando and past titles visit www.commandocomics.com

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