Graphic Novel Spotlight: Animus by SM Worsey and Brian Gorman

Animus by SM Worsey and Brian Gorman

Published by Peak Hare, out now, Animus is a powerful and moving new 80-page graphic novel by S M Worsey, featuring art by Brian Gorman, that also includes original short stories by Tobias K Phipps and Lex Vegor.

In the tale, all around the world, animals are becoming aware that they’re being exploited by humans for entertainment and financial gain. Into this rise in consciousness steps Bren; a badger whose family were trapped and shot by government agents. She’s angry. She seeks revenge. She’s had a calling: to assemble a squad of animals. To organise.

A badger, a beagle, fox, raven, cat, horse, weasel and rabbit don’t seem like much, to challenge and change human society, though they live alongside and undetected by it. Up trees, down tunnels, and across the moors…

Well, we don’t think you should underestimate them, judging from Britain’s suitably spooky art!

S M Worsey
SM Worsey

SM Worsey, who recently completed her first novel Dogs Of London, also wrote and illustrated the Scoffer series of cookbooks, and has co-written a number of guide books, including Vegetarian Scotland.

Brian Gorman
Brian Gorman

Brian Gorman‘s previous work includes writing and drawing the highly-acclaimed New Dawn Fades: Joy Division & Manchester, Everyman: A Celebration Of Patrick McGoohan & The Prisoner, Borderliners, and the forthcoming Atmosphere: Words & Art About The Post-Punk Manchester Music Scene.

Copies of Animus are £10 and available to order here | Official web site:

For a signed copy by artist Brian Gorman, contact him directly, via his Facebook Page briangormanartwork

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