Super Spy Harvey Spig tackles a circus of horrors in new comic from Stu Perrins


Writer Stu Perrins (Prime) and artist Nick Gonzo (The Tree) have a new comic out via DriveThru Comics: When The Circus Comes To Town, a horror comic starring their super spy Harvey Spig.

In the dark dank cruel part of London, Wilbur K. Draper is planning sweet revenge on alcohol fuelled super spy Harvey Spig. Not that Harvey is too worried mind you, he’s more concerned about the where abouts of his next drink.

But who released an evil army of were-rats and zombie apes onto the streets of London and who the devil is William? Find out the answers to these questions and more in When the Circus Comes to Town.

• Written by Stu Perrins with art by Nick Gonzo and letters by Rob Jones, check it out on DriveThru here

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