Heart of Empire Online

The whole of the first chapter of Bryan Talbot’s stunning story Heart of Empire is now online for free!

Taken from the CD-ROM, the “Director’s cut” of Heart of Empire, the online promotional version includes every page in its original penciled format – then the interim inked format and then the final coloured format.

“Every page in very high rez,” says James Robertson, webmaster of The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage (www.bryan-talbot.com) of the Heart of Empire CD-ROM, “and then there’s 60,000 words of annotations from Bryan on where he gets his ideas, with rants, digressions anecdotes and influences… and then every front and back cover, and biographies and interviews…. and also the whole of the Adventures of Luther Arkwright in the best ever digitally remastered format too…. it’s a massive and insane labour of love.

“Precisely because it is so big and hard to describe we thought we would put the first chapter online for free so we could say ‘y’know what? – here’s the first part; go check it out and then you’ll know what we are talkin’ about!’

With online comics growing in popularity, Talbot again takes the comics medium to new levels by showing just what can be done with digital comics to create a distinctly different form of the original print tale. A more definitive explanation of the CD is online can be found on Bryan’s site.

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  1. The entirety of the prequel to “Heart of Empire”, “The Adventures of Luther Arkwright”, can be legally read in an online version for 5 UK pounds ($9.49 US) from Talbot’s official site:


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