Hi-Ex 2008: Again

A few more pictures for you from last week’s Hi-Ex comics convention based mainly in the ground floor area of the old Bishop’s Palace in Inverness.

Hi-Ex 2008 - Bishop’s Palace in Inverness
Hi-Ex was organised by Vicky Stonebridge and Richmond Cements of Future Quake Press so it was inevitable that FQP would be putting on a good display on their dealer’s table – seen here in the calm before the storm of the doors opening to the public. FQP’s titles include FutureQuake, MangaQuake and Something Wicked, plus the two 2000AD zines Dogbreath and Zarjaz.

Hi-Ex 2008 - FutureQuake Press

Later on in one of the quieter moments on Sunday FQP’s Dave Evans, aka BOLT-01, got a chance to do a little sketching.

Hi-Ex 2008 - Dave Evans aka Bolt-01

Over in Graeme Neil Reid‘s and my little section of the dealer’s room Al Ewing gave us his best Sunday impression of “the morning after the night before”.

Hi-Ex 2008 - Al Ewing

Declan Shalvey stopped by as well to show off his Freak Show and Tequilla titles and to let us know that he is well advanced on his work for Classical Comics Frankenstein which is due to be published later in the year.
Hi-Ex 2008 - Declan-Shalvey
Meanwhile beside us Ben Clark and Paul Scott of Omnivistascope and Solar Wind wonder if there is a way to repress the irrepressible as Kev F Sutherland gives them little option but to be in a Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet video. The look on Cam Kennedy‘s face as he walked past while this was going on was a joy to behold.Hi-Ex-2008 - Ben Clark and Paul Scott of OmnivistascopeVicky and Rich have added a list of on-line reviews and press coverage that the convention received in the news section of the Hi-Ex website. Fingers crossed for Hi-Ex 2009.

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