Hibernia Comics teases plans for “The Fleetway Files” project, “Angry Planet” and “The Indestructible Man” first titles

The Fleetway Files - Angry Planet Promotional Image (Hibernia Comics)

Hibernia Comics has teased more news about its The Fleetway Files project, a new series from the comic collection publisher in association with The Treasury of British Comics imprint, which aims to present the very best of Fleetway comics and build it into a great library collection.

In the works already, as previously reported, is The Angry Planet by Alan Hebden with art by Massimo Belardinelli, which ran in the weekly title Tornado, running in all 22 issues of the short lived comic.

Tornado - The Angry Planet by Alan Hebden and Massimo Belardinelli
“The Angry Planet” by Alan Hebden and Massimo Belardinelli

This will be followed by a collection of the The Indestructible Man, which appeared in every 47 issues of JAG, published between May 1968 and March 1969. This latter strip, which centres on an immortal Egyptian soldier battling evil in the present day, features art by Jesus Blasco (who’s perhaps best known for his work on strips such as “The Steel Claw”, for Valiant, a new collection of that out next year from The Treasury of British Comics).

The opening episode of "The Indestructible Man" from JAG Issue One, published in 1968. Art by Jesus Blasco
The opening episode of “The Indestructible Man” from JAG Issue One, published in 1968. Art by Jesus Blasco

The collections will be numbered and have a similar trade dress, and for all you spine fans, we’re assured there will be consistency. All releases after the first two will continue the numbering.

Hibernia has previously published some great collections, many selling out very quickly. They are also the publishers of the Comic Archive series, exploring the IPC comic titles and beyond with interviews and articles, as well as collections of forgotten favourites from these titles.

If there is any requests for future collections Hibernia Comics would love to hear your suggestions, preferably for self-contained stories and running to under 100 pages, although publisher David McDonald says they are open to spreading collections over two volumes. You can contact them via Facebook.

The Fleetway Files Logo

Read a Facebook thread about The Fleetway Files that includes plenty of reprint suggestions

Hibernia Comics is also online at hiberniabook.blogspot.com | Collections still available are on sale here on Comicsy

Follow Hibernia Comics publisher David McDonald on Twitter @hiberniabooks

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  1. Looking forward to this, and rediscovering the old short run series from my childhood days. When is The Angry Planet available? There’s nothing about it on their Hibernia Comics website.

  2. Thanks John!

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