Holy Bat Timing! Panini UK launches Batman: Tales of the Dark Knight

Panini UK - Batman: Tales of the Dark Knight #1 (2020)It may, unfortunately, be badly timed, but Panini UK launched Batman: Tales of the Dark Knight last week – the first in what will hopefully be a new line of DC titles, taking over the mantle of British reprints of the US comic publisher’s titles from Titan Comics.

Each issue contains two Batman stories, and kicks off with Sean Murphy‘s “White Knight“, which as published as a Batman mini-series, and Peter J. Tomasi‘s and Doug Mahnke‘s “Mythology“, first published in DC’s Detective Comics #994-999.

Batman: White Knight follows the man now known as Jack Napier, as he embarks on a quest to heal the city he once terrorised. After reconciling with his long-suffering partner, Harley Quinn, he sets in motion a carefully plotted campaign to discredit the one person whom he views as Gotham City’s true enemy: Batman.

His crusade exposes a decades-long history of corruption within the Gotham City Police Department and transforms Napier into a city councilman and civic hero. But when the sins of his past return to threaten everything that he has accomplished, the distinctions between saviour and destroyer begin to break down for both The Joker and Batman alike-and with them any hope for Gotham’s future.

Writer and artist Sean Murphy delivers an extraordinary examination of comics’ greatest antagonists in Batman: White Knight, exploring justice, corruption, activism and the darkest depths of mental illness.

In Mythology, Alfred Pennyworth is attacked at Wayne Manor! Who’s hunting those closest to Batman? Commissioner Gordon calls in the Dark Knight Detective when there’s a murder at the Gotham City Aquarium – staged to look exactly like Thomas and Martha Wayne’s crime scene, right down to the playbill and pearls. How does this bizarre homicide tie into the shadowy monster that attacks Dr. Leslie Thompkins? This creature looks to wage a war on Batman – and it’s using Joker gas to do it!

Batman: Tales of the Dark Knight #1 is available from open newsagents, and the title is also available on subscription here

Despite the worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic Panini say they are committed to providing our customers with the best service possible. However, there are significant postal delays in various countries so they ask you to bear with them at this difficult time

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  1. Sucks that it’s only 52 pages – and so are the Marvel Collectors Editions, since January, causing Marvel Legends to drop Iron Man. If Panini are making cutbacks, why are they spending money acquiring the DC rights? I hope the Coronavirus doesn’t bring the company down. I think it’s probably already doomed this title as it wasn’t advertised in advance and with so many shops shut a lot of potential readers won’t see it on the shelves until around issue 4 or 5.

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