ICE grips Brighton in June! (No, it’s not a weather report)

ICE Brighton Summer Special 2017

Some of the biggest stars from the world of comic art are coming to Brighton this June as part of ICE Brighton 2017 – an international celebration of the medium organised by Smallzone Events.

As the summer sun beats down, a cool experience is promised at the Hilton Metropole on Kings Road on Saturday 10th June 2017 and leading the international guest list of superstar comic book creators is Italian Iceman artist Alessandro Vitti, who is joined by American artist Matt Hollingsworth (well known for his work on such well known characters as Preacher, Daredevil and Batman), and legendary Ranxerox artist Tanino Liberatore.

Iceman by Alessandro Vitti © Marvel

Iceman by Alessandro Vitti © Marvel

But that’s not all. Altogether, there are over 20 big name guests attending the inaugural event including such legends as Watchmen artist and co-creator Dave Gibbons and 2000AD co-founder and writer Pat Mills, both of whom will be promoting new books on the day during exclusive live interviews.

Art from Watchmen by Dave Gibbons

Art from Watchmen by Dave Gibbons

The top DC heroes, by Ben Oliver. © DC

The top DC heroes, by Ben Oliver. © DC

In fact, the family friendly event features a full programme of exclusive events featuring the famous artists and writers attending and there is something for everyone, whether you enjoy superheroes like Spider-Man and Batman, scifi action like Guardians of The Galaxy or any of the other genres that comic books have brought to life in recent years, heavily influencing cinema and popular culture.

At ICE you might also discover the next big thing – as this unique event also features a host of over 50 emerging artists and independent publishers exhibiting their work plus local artists and writers like Joe Decie, Hannah Berry and Bob Molesworth.

• The convention has a limited attendance so fans are encouraged to purchase their tickets in advance via the website at:

• For more information about Smallzone Events and their mission to bring comic art and comic creators to a wider audience please go to

Official ICE Brighton 2017 promotional art by Des Taylor

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