Crowdfunding Spotlight: “That Girl Comic” Anthology by TGC Collective

The Glasgow based TGC Collective are using Kickstarter to fund their latest comic anthology entitled That Girl Comic in which women cartoonists take on the theme of ‘growing up’. This is planned to be an A5 size, black and white comic of at least 40 pages with a colour cover.

The TGC collective, who have been active since 2009 under the ‘Team Girl Comic’ name, and in that time have published twelve issues of Team Girl Comic itself, see That Girl Comic as their next progressive step. Indeed on their Kickstarter page for the title they say, “We’ve done a bit of growing up ourselves.”

They go on to say, “When TGC began, it was entirely self-funded. Then in 2012 we ran our first Kickstarter campaign, asking readers to back our 5th issue. We asked you to help us so we could become more financially sustainable, with each issue funding the printing and promotion of the next. This was a huge success and completely altered the future of the collective – five years and seven more books later we are still going strong.

“We want to continue to publish comics and collectively promote the work of our members, but we want to do better than that. We believe that paying our contributors is a step in the right direction. By pre-ordering your book on Kickstarter you’ll not only be helping cover our print costs, you’ll be helping support women artists in Scotland.”

At one week into the Kickstarter period, and with the rest of May still to run, TGC are already half way to getting That Girl Comic funded. We wish them well.

There are more details of That Girl Comic on the title’s Kickstarter page.

There are more details of the TGC Collective on their new TGC Collective Tumblr page as well as the original Team Girl Comic page where you can buy back issues of Team Girl Comic itself.

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