IDW and Glénat announce Original Graphic Novel partnership

Promotional art for Lowlifes written by Brian Buccellato, art and colour byAlexis Sentenac

Promotional art for Lowlifes written by Brian Buccellato, art and colour byAlexis Sentenac

US company IDW Publishing and French publisher Glénat are launching a new joint initiative, “Original Graphic Novel”, focused on the creation of original comic books, to be published both in France and the United States.

Mike Carrey

Mike Carrey

The partners say the main purpose of the program is the creation of genre sequential art fit for both markets in terms of storytelling, formats, and themes and one of the first projects will be an English language edition of La Haut Palais (The Highest House) by British writer Mike Carey (who’s currently working on a new Barbarella book for Dynamite Entertainment) and US writer and artist Peter Gross, creators of The Unwritten, with art by Fabien Alquier.

Following the example of the original Disney collection, (such as Café Zombo by French author Régis Loisel), the Original Graphic Novel initiative aims to carry out projects of original comics, in a wide variety of genres —science-fiction, fantasy, western, humour, thriller, adventure, and whatever may inspire the authors coming from the American and the Franco-Belgian industries, and wishing to collaborate and mix their talents, styles, and influences.

IDW says the association between the fourth largest publisher in the US market, whose titles include Dirk Gently, the US Judge Dredd and Star Trek comics, and the Glénat group — third largest in the French market — is a real artistic and commercial bridge between the two countries.

“I’m excited to be working with Olivier Jalabert at Glenat Comics to bring these books to the US market,” says IDW editor Denton Tipton. “Reuniting Mike Carey and Peter Gross is icing on the cake.”

The first original creations to be published in 2018 are:

The Highest House (La Haut Palais) - French Cover

The Highest House (La Haut Palais) – French Cover

Art from The Highest House (La Haut Palais)

Art from The Highest House (La Haut Palais)

The Highest House (La Haut Palais), a fantasy project by Mike Carey & Peter Gross, creators of The Unwritten, which was twice nominated for the Hugo Award.

Set in the country of Ossaniul, there’s a fortress as disproportionate in size as it is inaccessible: the High Palace. There, the members of the noble Aldercrest family reign over an army of slaves, among them the young Moth, who performs the most unpleasant of tasks in his daily work and who has little hope of living very long. Until, that is, the day he meets Obsidian, a mysterious entity who  speaks to him in his sleep. If Moth does what he asks, Obsidian promises him fortune and glory. Will he accept the offer?

The first volume was released in French last month by Glénat

Lowlifes Cover - Glénat (Small)Lowlifes, a hard-boiled thriller set in modern day Los Angeles, by Brian Buccellato & Alexis Sentenac

It is said that life is priceless. for the Lowlifes, theirs is worth nothing.

Los Angeles … Behind the sun, beaches of surfers and red carpets, the city of angels hides a world of demons, without morals and dreams. Grand is a cop haunted by revenge who desperately tries to cling to the guy although he thought he was. Leonard is a toxic who wants to find his family. Rip is a thug involved in clandestine fighting. Wendall is the one who pulls all the strings … When the juicy recipe for one of his poker games is stolen, these three scoundrels will realise that redemption and destruction are their only exit tickets.

Lowlifes was released in French in May

These will be followed by:

Sukeban Turbo by Sylvain Runberg & Victor SantosSukeban Turbo by Sylvain Runberg & Victor Santos
Released in French in January 2017

When Akira meets the TV series Girls
Shelby Buckman, a 17-year-old New York high school student, has already experienced a sulphurous journey. At the head of a gang of girls nicknamed the “Sukeban Turbo”, referring to a radical Japanese women’s movement of the 1970s, Shelby sells cocaine, MDMA and amphetamine to the Brooklyn hipsters on behalf of Jared. The trendy look and youth of Shelby and her girlfriends open their doors to the trendy parties of the city that never sleeps, and the clientele that goes with it. Shelby’s whole existence was chaos. And she does not imagine living any other way. But soon, his life will take another turn … Is redemption at the end of the journey?

Sylvain Runberg and Victor Santos offer you a dive into New York’s youth today and the different cultures that compose it, from the most underground and radical through the Shelby gang that rages in Brooklyn to the most commercial with the Urban Smile, Inspired by the One Direction branch through Williamsburg, the capital of hipsters.

Boogeymen by Mathieu Salvia & DjetBoogeymen by Mathieu Salvia & Djet
Books One and Two were published in French earlier this year

Mathieu Salvia and Djet reinvent a whole mythology of childhood… Passionate about reading, Elliott has always had a preference for the stories about the “Croquemitaines”  – monstrous creatures who at night hide in the shade or under the bed to frighten little children. He does not imagine how much they will change his life …

Witnessing the murderous murder of his parents, he will discover that in reality, the Croquemitaines really exist – and that very precise codes govern their existence. When one of the most powerful of them, “Père-la-mort”, sets out to protect him, Elliott finds himself plunged into a terrible conflict at the heart of a terrifying and fascinating universe.

A Glimpse of Ashes by Thomas Day & Aurélien Police
Out in October 2017

The world is in danger, but few can see it …

Ashley Torrance, seventeen, has a secret. She sees things that others are not aware of, detecting the true nature of certain individuals. Behind their human appearance are frightening beings, creatures of ash, lit by a mysterious fire. Who are these monsters and what is their purpose? On the internet, Ash meets Bruce and Sunny, young people who share the same power. Together, they decide to take the road to find a Pilgrim. The only one who seems to know the truth…

Gunning Down Ramirez by Nicolas Petrimaux

A bloody road-trip reminiscent of Tarantino’s movies

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