Illustrated Press announces Art of Jon Whitcomb book

Pre-orders are now being accepted for The Art of Jon Whitcomb, a new 224 page book that will be shipping in February 2017 about the work of the stunning US illustrator, who also became a media star.

Whitcomb has been called a “master propagandist in the art of love” and his highly romanticised visions of both women and men and their idealized lives, filled the pages and fantasy’s of Post- World War Two America.

Born in 1906, Jon Whitcomb was one of the most important magazine illustrators in American illustration history. Known for his graphic and sophisticated slick magazine work, his glamorous illustrations were featured in such publications as Collier’s, Good Housekeeping, McCall’s, Ladies’ Home Journal, Cosmopolitan and many others. 

As a founder of the legendary Cooper Studio, his impact on the profession was widespread as the Cooper style led the industry. He also shared his techniques with others as a founding member of the Famous Artists School. 

Considered the golden boy of the golden age of illustration, the web site RetroaRama notes he was so well known that he would appear in celebrity endorsements in advertisements.

“Norman Rockwell may have hawked Aqua Vel after shave, but Jon Whitcomb had a full page ad for Fatima Cigarettes.”

The Art of Jon Whitcomb from St. Louis-based The Illustrated Press is spectacular-looking, limited edition  book features over 300 of Whitcomb’s illustrations, along with rare photographs, drawings, original paintings, and tear sheets.

• Act now to snap up one of the Special Editions (limited to only 100 copies). The entire print run is limited to just 1000 copies. Learn more here

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