In Review: A Night With Friends For Nosferatu

A Night With Friends For NosferatuBy Grisso
Published by Enigmatic Labs – $3.00 – Black and White mini comic

Warning: Adult humour and comment below!

The Story: We get to meet some of Nosferatu’s friends. Lead by Nosferatu, they have an intervention with the elusive Bigfoot.

(You don’t need to have much knowledge to jump right into any of these mini comics. They are just plain fun).

The Review: As comics come and go, I’ve noticed recently how the sizes change, especially in the small press and indie world. A Night With Friends For Nosferatu is about the size of a large beer mat. It has 48 pages of art and story, all of which are done in a panel a page style. The art is crisp and sharp but with a foot in the realistic and the cartoony.

It is a comic that made me chuckle quite a lot.

Nosferatu can’t be an easy guy to be friends with. He is a bit of a moaner and is prone to looking up what people think about him on the internet. He yearns for the days when people were actually frightened of vampires.

“They said I looked like a buck tooth nerd who finally decided to come out of his Mom’s basement to ask for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

So Nosferatu and his pals, a witch and a werewolf, sit in a bar having a drink. As they leave, they bump into another of their group – Bigfoot. What has he been up to? He’s been buying porn again. They accuse him and he flees. It turns out he’s been working the little Wookiee in the woods – then falling asleep and leaving his porn lying about for teenagers and hikers to find.

Yup! I told Mark Norfolk it was a Bigfoot!!!!

A Night With Friends For NosferatuThis was a present that a good friend brought back to me from America. I just read it and will be searching out more by this creator. I recommend that if you are fond of this sort of fanny humour you do the same.

Although $3.00 does seem a tiny bit on the high side.

Many thanks for reading.

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