In Review: “Bald” by John Tucker

Bald by John Tucker - Cover

“My scalp was so smooth, I fell clean out of my mother while she did the weekly shopping!”

The Story: Essentially this is the story of one man and his male patterned baldness. This is no ordinary baldness and the story takes a surprising turn. Observe the extreme reactions he gets and the tests that are performed on him. Oh… and the effect the moon has on his head….

Bald by John Tucker - Sample Art

The Review: This was a nice surprise. Sometimes you receive something that you hadn’t heard of before. Something a bit different. The works of John Tucker tick all those boxes, idiosyncratic and funny. Especially his most recent comic, Bald.

This comic takes the everyday, the hum drum and (literally) turns them on their head. The baldness that we see all around us is taken one, then two, then a number of steps away from the ordinary and into the extraordinary. But all the time John’s characters, no matter how wacky their situations, manage to remain familiar and are people that you can relate to.

Even while the main character is communicating with the moon through his bald head, you sense a little of the suburban and a little of the kitchen sink drama. He could be a guy you see down the pub or work next to – except that his head is see-through and he has begun leading a strange Working Man’s Club cult.

Bald by John Tucker - Sample Art

The panels are bold and bright and easily read. They combine simplistic iconic panels with a little dash here of colourful style.

Another favourite is Night Watch, where a lighthouse worker spots villains dumping bags of pubic hair into the sea and takes violent revenge! (Yup, you read that right!)

This put a smile on my face during the morning commute. All of John’s comics are free to read at this book is released as a physical product I fully intend to purchase a copy.

Highly recommended.

Bald by John Tucker - Weird Though, Innit?

John Tucker is a comics creator from Swansea. He is influenced by horror comics and TV series. Bald will be available shorty to buy and hold in your actual hands.

Many thanks for reading.

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