In Review: Daddy Day

Daddy Day - Cover

Created by Samuel C. Williams
Published by Good Comics

I just got a short preview of this cracking new book by Samuel.

Some comics encapsulate the mood or the feeling of a particular period of your life. That time that impacts upon how we feel and deal with our every day issues. This new graphic novel from the Good Comics crew plucks little moments out of the day and places them with care onto the page.

As a father, I recognise these little moments and they are translated with care and no small amount of humour. Short vignettes that speak to the parents amongst us. Although I’m sure that those who are not will enjoy it too.

Daddy Day - Sample Art

The art has a caricature and funny and warm edge. I laughed at more than a couple of the moments Sam recounts. There’s still some work to be done on the comic but I was lucky to see an early copy.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the whole collection. Something of it reminds me of a British version of the comic diaries of James Kochalka – and that is high praise in my mind. Exaggerated smiles and tears with wide eyes innocence are presented in a combination of two colour and full colour pages. The art is on occasion a little rough around the edges but to me that will just endear you to the people at play in the panels. It is both an autobiographical diary comic and also a comic with themes of family and childhood.

Daddy Day - Sample Art

We see this family play on the swings, catch sight of colourful garden birds, sneak a couple more minutes before bedtime and more. Touchingly shown on every page.

Good Comics continue to be a publisher worth watching.

• You can find more of their books over at or follow them on Twitter @Good_Comics

• You can find out more about the creator on Twitter @samuelcwilliams

Many thanks for reading.

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