In Review: Krazybov Issue 3

krazybov_003.jpgKrazybov is a polished, entertaining comic anthology title with a very 21st Century approach to publication. Freely distributed in shops and at events around central London and sent around the world to subscribers, once all the printed copies have been given away it’s made available to read online or download for free.

Described by the creators as a ‘zine with delusions of grandeur’, the aim is to provide a platform for creators and inspire others to experiment. To keep the comic free it’s heavily reliant on the adverts that appear in the book and it also has a classified section at the back (which, as well as paid inserts, includes some funny gags, too).

There’s a lot to like about this title: wrapped in a stunning cover by British artist Simon Dominic, Issue 3’s highlights, for me, are the creeping horror of ‘The Children Of Rungholt’ by Seb Kempke and Dirk Juergens from Germany (, worthy, in my opinion, of comparison with the stories of MR James; ‘Grey Days’ by Nik Neocleous from England, a tale of alternate universes and a very unlucky office worker; and ‘Pic Nic’ by Alberto Pessoa from Brazil, a fun, wordless and joyous re-telling of Red Riding Hood’s encounter with the Big Bad Wolf.

There’s always things in an anthology that won’t gel with some readers, but there’s plenty in Krazybov 3 that will, including the work of Brandon Palas and Adam Atherton, so head over to the web site or try and track down a copy if you’re a metropolis-dweller.

• Check out the content of Issue 3 here on the krazybov web site

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