In Review: Nom: The Demon Eater

NOM The Demon Eater - Cover

By Paul Tonner

“Cursed to wander the nine circles of Hell for all eternity and with an insatiable hunger for the flesh of demons, Nom The Demon Eater will stop at nothing for a tasty snack.

“Expect lashings of gratuitous ultra-violence served up with a side salad of swear words and rude bits.

“Probably not suitable for young children, your grandmother or your pet cat.

You have been warned!”

NOM - The Demon Eater - Sample Page

One of the few pages we felt we could publish here on downthetubes without making you blind.

And there you have it, folks. A Demon Eater with a skull faced helmet walks into a hall full of demons and confronts a multi-titted, obese female demon mother and begins chopping them all up with a sword he grabs out of his trans dimensional napsack. It is bloody and gory fun!

I have to admit that if Master Chef was anything like this I would be all over it every week (it’s not incidentally, so don’t bother).

Oh, all right, this might make you blind, but at least we resisted the demon lady pages.

Oh, all right, this might make you blind, but at least we resisted the demon lady pages.

This is the first story to feature this new character from Paul. It got its release at the recent Glasgow Comic Con, and Paul says that it’s inspired by the works of Moebius (in particular, Arzarch), Geoff Darrow and Paul Pope – and you can certainly see the European influence in its panels. It could have fitted into Heavy Metal or Epic Magazine in the 1980s with its fantasy themed violence and tongue in cheek dark humour.

“Oh S***! It’s that monosyllabic wandering psycho-cannibal Nom!”

You may have gathered that all he actually says is the word ‘Nom’ over and over again. His sword(s) speak louder words as he literally cleaves people apart in ways that had me wondering if the creator had a medical degree. The violence escalates and it is a big old bag of fun to read. Dirty, violent, clumsy, crazy, funny and really well put together. This will cheer up any wandering psychopath – guaranteed.

• Find more about this comics creator and buy a copy of this book at his website or follow him on Twitter @HeavyVoodoo – Note demon nudity throughout! 

Many thanks for reading.

(Slightly stupid image captions added by John Freeman)

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