A Massive Awesome Comics Podcast Catch Up!

What with holidays and a mass of other stuff (yes, the work that pays the bills), I’ve gotten behind on coverage of what’s been on the small press-devoted Awesome Comics Podcast, although I did congratulate Vince Hunt, Dan Butcher and Tony Esmond on getting to Episode 50, which features an interview with Bob Fingerman, creator of Minimum Wage.

But let’s remedy the omission right now with a catch up post…

For the landmark Episode 50, Vince, Dan and Tony talk about a subject that been creating a bit of a buzz in the small press community recently – the current role of comic conventions. There’s’ discussion about some great shows that focus on comics, and other not-so-comic-centric shows that are courting controversy amongst creators.

There’s plenty of rambling to be had as the conversation goes in all directions, as well as some amazing books talked about, exciting news about Vanguard and a chat with its creator and so much more! Also Dan uses the word ‘Robust’ to great effect, Vince goes a little bit Last of the Summer Wine and Tony fights with wind once again.

Plus as an extra treat, Tony talked with the brilliant Bob Fingerman, creator of Minimum Wage. It’s a fascinating insight into the mind of one of the best independent creators around.

It’s the team’s longest show yet – so sit back, get comfortable and get ready for some comics.

Mentioned in this episode are: Bob Fingerman, Minimum Wage, Dead Singers Society, Theos Therapy, Cornelius Crumpet and the Great Moon Robbery, Vanguard, Cliches of Predestination, Retroblade, The Fix, Comichaus Kickstarter, and the Victorian Bare Knuckle League<.

Marc Laming, the Awesome Comics Podcast’s  ‘celebrity friend’ and one of the superstar artists working on the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens adaption, pops on to ACP Episode 51 to talk about what its like working with such a huge franchise, drawing Harrison Ford, how the creative teams work to make a comic adaption a visually different experience and more.

There’s also talk of Marc’s experience working on Planet of the Apes, finding comics in your newsagent when you were young, the joy of European comics and so much more. Also everyone misses Dan, Marc loses the will to live drawing rocks, Vince tries to avoid any questions about his personal life and Tony announces he has a beaver costume. Make of that what you will.

Plus there’s also an interview with the writer of Boom Studios Turncoat Alex Paknadel and creator of ‘Hel Hunter’ Dan Charnley from Lancaster Comics Day!

And if you’re a fan of childish poop jokes, then stay tuned for a classic bunch of out takes that will have you rolling in the aisles!!

Mentioned in this episode are: Marc Laming, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Planet of the Apes, Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman, Dan Charnley, Alex Paknadel, Turncoat, Sp4rx, Wren McDonald, NoBrow Press, PI Charles, Josh Sherwell, Jordi LeFebre, Les Beaux Etes, Dargaud, Underpants, Alex Potts, Samurai Slasher II, Mike Garley, Locke & Key, Joe Hill and Indeh

For Episode 52, Daniel Warren Johnson, the insanely talented creator of the epic sci-fi webcomic Space Mullet (and nominee for nicest person in comics) joins Vince and Dan to talk about his adventures in creating his webcomic, his amazing Star Wars fanfic comic Green Leader, his influences and how he got started in comics.

It’s a fun episode jam packed with awesome info for comic creators. Also, as Tony is off on a well deserved vacation, Dan and Vince hold the fort and catch up about their recent comic adventures, including the new Vanguard issue and Cardiff Comic Expo. Also DWJ exposes his comic making facade, Dan makes a controversial statement about a cartoons theme song and Vince talks about some genius insults he recently received. It’s an episode not to be missed.

And by the power of grey skull, make sure you stick around after the end credits too!

Mentioned in this episode are: Daniel Warren Johnson, Space Mullet, Green Leader, Ghost Fleet, Daniel Warren Johnson’s website, 11 O’Clock Comics with Daniel Warren Johnson, Past the Last Mountain, Comics Experience, Dexter’s Half Dozen, Dead Star Publishing, Kaijumax, Zander Cannon, Oni Press, Paper Cuts and Inkstains 5, Madius Comics, The Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Ryan Stegman and Figure Drawing: Design and Invention.

Bringing us up to date (phew! Do you think the guys noticed?) David Broughton, the creator of the sci-fi horror adventure series Shaman Kane joins the Awesome Comics Podcast for Episode 53, to talk about the series, his influences, the monetary side of self publishing and his experiences at shows like Lawgiver.

There’s also lots of talk about 2000AD and its amazing fanzines, the Mighty Boosh and the anger-inducing topic of people selling prints of major IP run through a photoshop filter. Plus, Vince gloats over the result of a twitter poll, Dan announces some great goodies he’s offering to retweeters and Tony catches up on the time he missed by talking about tons of comics!

Mentioned in this episode are: David Broughton, Shaman Kane, Martillo, Spectre Show, Zarjaz, Dogbreath, The Survivors, Cinebook, Wasteland Paradise, Hillbilly, Eric Powell, Zarjaz Summer Special, Unfamiliar Skies Kickstarter, Rachael Smith Patreon, Bess, I Drank Holy Water, Nom: The Demon Eater, Paul Tonner, Thimble – Button Press Publications, The Disease, Hellbound Media, Space Girl and Travis Charest.

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