In Review/ Preview: The Making of a Comic-Con

Making of a Comic Con by Kev Brett - Cover

Self published by Kev Brett

The BookThe Making of a Comic Con is a biographical and humorous comic based on Kev Brett’s life as he takes on the challenge of putting on a comic convention.

A funny perspective on how things can escalate and how they can ultimately take over your life, from weird photoshoots, to huge debts, to recurring nightmares!

This fun little book will have everyone wanting to organise an event…

Making of a Comic Con by Kev Brett - Planning


The Review:

“Oh, there isn’t a bar… Oh there ain’t enough Deadpool cosplayers. Oh – where can I get a signed wookie plushie?”

“Oh, this is a long line to get a comic signed!”

“Oh! It might rain later!”

“Oh, I need to do a wee in my Galactus costume!!!!!”


“SHUT UP!!!”

You try organising a Comic Convention. Go on! I bloomin’ well dare you!

It isn’t an easy business – and those good hearted people who do it for charity and/or the community rarely get thanked.

However… Back to the comic review.

Making of a Comic Con by Kev Brett - Elements

All ready? Perhaps…

Nottingham Comic Convention is now beginning to plan for its fifth year in a row. It is one of my personal favourites to attend and flows along seamlessly without any messing about or obvious hiccups. I’ve also known co-organiser Kev for a few years now and he’s always been busy, organising this charity event with a smile on his face and the odd well timed joke.

Making of a Comic Con by Kev Brett - Fears


In Making of a Comic Con, Kev has translated the road to a convention and the day itself into a small press comic that is fully of funny asides, personality and autobiographical truisms. I was lucky enough to see a preview copy of this comic before its release at True Believers Festival next weekend in Cheltenham (Saturday 4th February 2017). Kev will be there at Table K7 – looking a little less stressed than the character in his comic, I’d guess.

All of his output is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and in this one you see the ups and downs of herding the cats that are comics creators, fans and cosplayers alike. Ignore the moans and sweaty brows, just have fun at his expense (he’ll probably punch me for that one!).

So head over to and have a surf through all his other comics.

• You can also find Kev on Twitter @kev_brett and Instagram – or the Nottingham Comic Con page @NottingComic or their site

All art © Kev Brett

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